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Enjin Updates - Efinity, Marketplace, Mainnet, ERC1155, & More - with Witek Radomski - July 14th, 2019

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Vuk Novic 1 month ago

I ll be completely honest. I am not sure what is inside, but I know what I d like to see in the briefcase. I would like to see Cyberpunk 2077 cooperation and partnership. I found the Cyberpunk 2077 extremely interesting game and the game mechanics they are trying to implement are amazing.

Enjin solutions will bring so much more to already amazing implementations and next level mechanics and item ownership will put the whole concept on another level. The release will be somewhere in the spring of 2020 and I hope to see Enjin releasing the Efinity scaling solutions by then so everything fits perfectly.

So yea, I hope so much that there is some sort of cooperation between these two in the future.



Jeff Kirdeikis 1 month ago

100% seeing Enjin partner with a major game like that would be monumental!

Jeff has donated 100 points to Vuk Novic 1 month ago

DogGod FrogLog 1 month ago

Multiverse Mike riding in the Shadow Model lambo

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Er Dk 1 month ago

Inside the briefcase there is a new asset from the Multiverse of Enjin that will break our beliefs of how far the power of erc-1155 tokens can go. 

Something new that will open the doors to new possibilities within the blockchain; and that will raise Enjin as the definitive king of the throne of the new digital era.

Jeff has donated 10 points to Er Dk 1 month ago

Maxim Makeyev 1 month ago

I think that there is Ubisoft partnership inside Enjin Briefcase. I envisage a future where potentially every one of Ubisofts games integrates the ERC-1155 token. If this happens, Enjin's adoption is guaranteed and there is no reason why Enjin cannot be a $10b company.

Elena has donated 10 points to Maxim Makeyev 1 month ago

Antonio Bartoloni 1 month ago

The briefcase contains a hardware wallet where it protects the MFT of Enjin and other collections, in addition it has rare and very valuable cryptokitties.

And NFT that will be historical:

- The USS Enterprise spacecraft tokenized by Crypto Space Commander.

- The cryptokitty that cost 600 ETH

- The Witch Hat of 9 Lives Arena

- The lengandaries axies

- The token corresponding to the domain videogames.eth

- Several acres in Decentraland

Elena has donated 10 points to Antonio Bartoloni 1 month ago


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