Energi Cryptocurrency & $100 BTC Giveaway

What is Energi?

Energi is a self-funding cryptocurrency that has a purpose to reach the masses. The value proposition of Energi is that they will provide a very strong, self-funding treasury system which will eventually develop into a smart contract platform.

Energi will provide a small allocation to mining rewards and will take a bulk of the coin issuance and give it the treasury and masternodes. Energi will also allocate 10% on-going reward to leadership of the Energi Backbone, which is significantly less compared to today’s ICOs’ rewarding their founders between 20–50% of the tokens distributed. Another trait that sets Energi apart from ICOs is they give an on-going 10% allocation through each block reward, rather than rewarding the founders up-front.

source: https://medium.com/energi/energi-67b7bf2fe971

The Future of Funding? 
Why Energi ‘Bootstrapped’ rather than ‘ICO-ed’

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One of the most common questions the Energi team gets asked centers around one thing: funding. Whether it’s ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), IEOs (Initial Exchange Offering) or seed money, funding is the foundation of any project. So why did we decide to go at it alone, rather than launch an ICO like so many others? And what does this mean for the future of Energi? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this blog.

It all starts with our founder. Back in 2017, Tommy World Power saw some serious problems emerging in the crypto space. While he couldn’t predict the future, he could see many projects were being funded without an end goal in mind. Sure, ICOs could raise funds for now, but what about in a few years time?

Since 2017, so many projects have died and so many founders have gotten rich — yet few of the actual products that were promised have reached the market. It’s fair to say that it’s the community, not the founders, that have paid the price. Tommy came from the crypto community and decided that rather than advising on projects, many of which were too stuck in their ways to change, he’d create one. And so Energi was born.

That’s also why, from day one, Tommy built Energi to be different. As many of you know, he decided to fund the project through bootstrapping instead of crowdfunding (by ‘bootstrapping’, we mean that he started the project using his own money, not outside investments). Compared to an ICO, IEO or traditional funding round, there’s a significant amount of regulatory risk with doing an ICO/IEO that many projects ignored — choosing instead to play the game of jurisdictional arbitrage. This may come back to haunt many of them in the coming years. By being self-funded, Tommy operated within the existing regulatory structures. We can do what’s right for the project and our community long-term without being influenced by outside shareholders.

So how does it work in practice? Well, instead of a founder percentage as in a typical ICO, Tommy is on a ‘vesting’ schedule. This is an idea popular with members of the Bitcoin community, such as Andreas Antonopoulos, and we adapted it for Energi as our ‘Backbone’. Basically, ‘vesting’ means that our founder doesn’t get a lump sum upfront, he has to work towards it over a number of years — just like an earn-out clause in a typical merger or acquisition. This gives the project stability. Whereas many founders obsess over market price and short-term concerns, ours takes a more long-term view. The focus, then, is on mass adoption and the ultimate success of the project. Isn’t that how a project should be funded?

It’s also more transparent because instead of all the funds ending up in an ICO wallet, funding is built into the cryptocurrency. Anyone can check the Energi website to see how the treasury is spent each month and what the team is working on. And, instead of one unaccountable ICO pot that can be mismanaged, funds are released in smaller increments in an auditable manner month after month.

The value of this stability and transparency is huge. Especially today, when so many projects are going under or scaling back on their vision, which often happens without informing the people who funded them in the first place. Of course, there will still be periods of instability, but our model means we’re able to ride out the market and deliver on our founding vision — while bringing the community with us.

And the benefits of bootstrapping don’t stop at stability and transparency. A side effect of this long-term focus is that it frees us up to look at what’s really important. We aren’t the first to notice that blockchain enables a better future with the possibility of having direct sovereignty over your money and bringing financial services to around a third of the world’s unbanked population. However, we have to be conscious that our world is facing huge environmental challenges, and resource-intensive solutions that underpin major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are unsustainable for mass adoption. Thus Energi has chosen to implement a far greener solution via proof-of-stake rather than the arms race that is proof-of-work.

Keeping with our vision of making the world a better place, a portion of the proceeds from the Backbone also funds the development of Energi Impact, our charity arm. Energi Impact’s focus is ambitious, we know. Confronting climate change, cleaning the ocean and helping disadvantaged children are just some of the challenges we’re working on. Currently, the project is building an initial base in Bali, Indonesia and the movement has already grown to six inspirational individuals. Energi Impact is a project that’s not just changing the way charities are funded, but it’s changing the world in the process.

Another major cornerstone of Energi’s self-funding treasury is our Defense department. This is essentially a group of cybersecurity experts who not only help community members if they’ve fallen victim to scams or hacks, but proactively put out valuable educational content to better equip everyone to fend off these attacks in the first place. This is unique in the Cryptocurrency space and another philanthropic effort on our part to better the entire ecosystem.


In the years since crypto exploded, we’ve seen many projects continue to take the ICO route to secure their funding. Many of these projects have faced scrutiny from the SEC for the unlicensed sale of securities and numerous other legal missteps leading to their demise.

Perhaps, though, there’s a better approach after all. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

We hope you agree that while there are many ways to fund a project like ours, a model like Energi’s may well be the future of funding. We are in uncharted waters here folks, but we believe we are revolutionizing not only the cryptocurrency space but finance as a whole.

Source: https://medium.com/energi/the-future-of-funding-why-energi-bootstrapped-rather-than-ico-ed-6ae8d7e64d22

An official word from the Uptrennd team

Energi is one of the very few cryptocurrency projects in the world that have been able to combine both an altruistic vision with savvy execution. In an incredibly short amount of time, they have become a successful operation, landing in the top 100 global cryptocurrencies globally, with more momentum building every month.

What is most impressive is that throughout all of this, they have maintained the utmost integrity and stuck to their moral and philanthropic roots.
This is incredibly rare in the crypto space, and we commend the team and community at Energi for committing to creating a better tomorrow.

Uptrennd's founder, Jeff has seen people with Energi T-shirts doing beach and river garbage cleanups and other philanthropic endeavours countless times in Bali.
Energi is both a globally-shifting technology, and is helping to guide a globally-shifting state of consciousness towards the betterment of the earth.

Uptrennd fully supports the mission of team Energi, and applauds them for being a monumental positive force towards a collective paradigm-shift towards a better tomorrow.

$100 BTC Giveaway - Sponsored by Energi

Leave a comment, praise, or a question for the Energi team below, and we will be giving two commenters $50 in BTC each.

Additionally, if you are from the Energi community:
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Crypto Berto
08 Dec

In August, I learned about a fledgling cryptocurrency called $NRG that had a radical approach to the crypto space. This is the project that I really see doing well in the future. One of the best in the coinmarketcap right now. With all of the projects I have seen come and go, this is one I don't have any kind of feeling like with those that has vanished. The Treasury they have in place is going to be a huge asset to the project as they continue forward as they have made it able to handle truly sustaining its livelihood. The masternodes produce more in passive income than most full-time minimum wage jobs do. Staking is even great, and you can started with such a small amount compared to most other projects. This is by far one of the top projects out there in my opinion. The Energi 3.0 update is awesome, as it co migrate the Dapps from ETH to NRG and vice versa and introduce smart contracts. The team is an all star team who brings a depth of knowledge and experience thatis expected to help the project succeed and exceed expectations. $NRG is the future. 

Looking more succes to this platform and more power 



Linkara Crypto
08 Dec

Energi is far and away my favorite crypto project hands down. There is so much going on with Energi. Proof of Stake and masternode, the ecosystem being built around $NRG, implementing and integrating the $ETH blockchain and Dapps into the $NRG chain, the upcoming EnergiX feeless exchange, which is a Dapp being built on top of the NRG/ETH combined chain. 

I have to give kudos to Tommy and the rest of the team for working so hard. I have gotten to see community members that were friends prior to become team members as well. Keep up all the amazing hard work team! 

Telegram handle is @Linkara6669 

Jeff has donated 500 points to Linkara Crypto 7 months ago


Jonathan B
08 Dec

I've been a Telegram member for a while, but admittedly don't spend much time there> @jmbsol. 

I recently joined Energi Rain Discord, but i don't understand what it is. I'm new to Discord and it's confusing to me, haha. 

That's impressive to hear about the Energi community picking up trash in Bali.
My favorite thing about Energi so far is the integrity and transparency of the project. Keeping the allocation of the Treasury transparent goes a long long way with regard to my respect for any cryptocurrency project. Plus the auditing of the Earndrop to ensure integrity is great to read about. Obviously also being able to launch a top 100 currency without an ICO/IEO is no small feat. In a space that is so rife with scams, I love projects that bring legitimacy and integrity to the larger crypto world. I know Energi also has one of the strongest and largest communities in the crypto world as well.

FWIW--and I'm sure this isn't news to anyone--contests and promotions like this really do work. I've known about Energi for a long time, been to the website a few times, read a little about it here and there, but contests like this get people like me to look into projects further. I have just been watching video on the website, reading the FAQ, learning about how to stake and just downloaded the Core wallet and am in the process of deciding whether to stake or not. I look forward to watching the project unfold.

Jeff has donated 500 points to Jonathan B 7 months ago


Eason Chai
08 Dec

You know a project is good when it's backed by strong, determined and transparent leaders.

The second I read about this project, I instantly jumped on. Learning about Energi and it's benefits made me realize the potential that is yet to be achieved by cryptocurrencies.

The community is filled with helpful, kind and generous people, all sharing the same belief and focus of the project.

Putting all the technical aspects aside, the Core team and the community itself is enough to make you believe that it's going to be an impactful project.

Telegram: @eason_chai

Jeff has donated 500 points to Eason Chai 7 months ago


preview not available St3v3 T88888
08 Dec

Im an Energi holder and in Energi telegram group @sonicfrog77

Loved the idea of the Energi project from the first day i read about it, so bought some as soon as i possibly could as you can stake from a very small amount from 1 upward if i remember correctly, the idea and the organised manner of business from the team sealed the deal for me to invest some crypto into this project. Kudos to the team.



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