Enable Points donations: To encourage low level Quality Publishers

People who abuses the point donating button are not around much I suppose, I was told it was disabled because people are using it to game the platform by sending points to their Alts accounts. Its sad how there's always bad eggs trying to disrupt anything good, point donation is very important especially for under appreciated users/authors.

I have come across a few authors who writes even more than me but I wish to reward them more, especially when they feel ignored by mods. Moderators have a hard Job to read and curate everyone, hence the only other way we can help encourage these authors is to have use of point donations again otherwise we will lose many more pro publishers.

A special appeal of some sort I call this, perhaps a suggestion: can the point donations be opened to some level of users or something? Don't know how it will work but I believe its always doable with some coding tweaks. This is just to retain more undervalued writes still active on this platform.




Merit Ahama
23 Nov

You have raised a very good suggestion and I am in support of it.

Every good writer should be encouraged to do more but some get low engagement and they think of giving up which is not suppose to be.

A friend of mine on this platform gave a post and got just one upvote and no comment, I can't imagine how he would be feeling.

Writing a good article is not easy so those who do should be pushed to do more by appreciating their work.

Thanks for bringing this up, its a nice one


Captain Philips
23 Nov

Truth is, both low level and high level users needs to engage others to get supports. 


preview not available Victoria Haruna
24 Nov

I remember the days of Point donations. It was amazing to have that feature but as you have mentioned already, there was so much going on under the disguise of points donations and so it had to be disabled. 

And No! they haven't gone! they are still here so it would remain disabled until sometimes in the future.

Also, its not the responsibility of the Guardians to upvote posts. No! please get that from your head. The Guardians are to moderate the platform.
Our MOD powers are to encourage and also correct users.


Captain Philips
24 Nov

Well, I suppose part of moderation is supporting content creators right? Like you mentioned "encourage and also to correct"...we are on the same page I believe.


KimJoe Abara
23 Nov

Truly spoken bro and I stand with u.. I just hope they can see this and do something about it...

It shud be opened for some levels... To enable de cheerful ones to donate...

It's good to be generous


Tanveer Mukhtiar Malik
23 Nov

I agree with your point of view.  When someone wins a contest so it's become a problem to send him or her rewards. That's why Uptrenndians do that in Discord or Telegram.

So Donations button should be enabled. 


Raazi Khan
23 Nov

Its a good initiative. Recently i have seen this donation on @Navi post. I think it should be done on frequent basis. So the good content writers could get some sort of appreciation.


Captain Philips
23 Nov

Yes especially good commenters, they often publish good articles and needs more supports from everyone and not just the Guardians.


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