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The crypto-emporium project.

Updates about emporium project that will interest you based on our deals and offers on our products. The emporium platform is one of the most trusted and reliable crypto e-commerce services which I would love to share with you presently to partake in the project and possibly invest and gain some revenue.


We have been hearing about blockchain technology all this while and yet many people out there still don’t have a basic knowledge about this industry. I know you may likely ask about what is blockchain that you have been hearing all this while. Although many of you reading this might be familiar with industry while many outside there that has no access to in the internet to source information of having little knowledge on how to read and understand things from the internet which requires third party reading for you to understand how it’s being operated!


Blockchain is a decentralized and entrusted network that achieves peer-to-peer value exchanging or transaction, this known for being efficient as well to be transparent which every individual can easily operate and handle basically to those who has vast knowledge about it. That is where crypto-emporium is going, where everyone can buy and sell products.

What is crypto-emporium?

Crypto-emporium works as a middle man or intermediary agent that renders services and supply the superior products from luxury brands at an affordable price. The products listing is ready for purchase instantly using our 5 supported crypto currencies this includes; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Verge and Decred. Our aim is to render quality products to the world with no limitation to the brands and products with the payment system and display to the globe.

About the utilization of cryptocurrencies to fuel our daily buy/sell within any location of the world provided the users has access to the internet and locate our website to order products. This is our main goals to reach out to people all over the world with no limitation. To further this, we have some expert and experience team member who are in possession fuel the progress of the project, the team behind us is with vast knowledge of negotiating and dealing with manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. We have got contacts around the world that cater to all the needs of our ever-growing list of customers, we place a strong emphasis on our customers service and providing an impeccable with easy purchasing experience.

To our greatest understanding, crypto emporium is the first crypto-only-e-commerce store on the internet, one could argue, this is ground breaking stuff. 

Who are behind crypto-emporium?

To my greatest understanding, crypt emporium was founded in 2017 by Stephen. An entrepreneur with penchant for travelling and enjoying the luxury lifestyle. The crypto emporium was funded by groups of technology investors back up by talented team of web developers and members of crypto community.

Our team has got some counter parts which we go resources to some quality and reliable supplier that ensure a prompt and safe delivery to your address. We believe in a customer – centric approach to business. Our team has grown to include members from many different countries namely; Italy, UK, United State, Colombia, French, India, Singapore, Latvia. As time goes, we keep on committing talented personnel who are excited about our project and messages. Our platform only sources the highest quality products available on our market, continuous inspection is made to ensure complete customer satisfaction in all our product and services we render to our clients. Some of our most popular categories since the introduction of our platform includes; cryptocurrency mining, precious metals, electric bicycle, watches and electronics. We also offer motorbike and cars, yachts and property investments, there is a specific product to suit every budget unless specified, we ship our products worldwide within stipulated range of 30 days which is 1 month from the point of order.

As time goes, we keep on updating our products and add more stock also update our pricing list. Presently we are constantly on looking for the value to share with our clients, our price is updated every 5 minutes depending on cryptocurrency conversion rates. This can lead to some huge savings on certain time and items.

Trusting and listing luxury crypto-emporium in are real?

We guarantee all our listing are 100% authentic from credible dealers and suppliers. All the items found listed are either on hand and in-stock, ship direct from some of our producers that produces most of items found listed in our platform today which our trust is guaranteed to run a sound dealing with then without conflict in our agreements. We ship directly from our based location in Northern Italy on the rare occasion that we are not able to facilitate the sales of one our client items. We’ll find you an identical option for your consideration or simply fully refund your payments. All the product we offer comes with manufacturer tenor warranties, papers, boxes, guarantees ectect. As a premium service, we make sure our customers are fully covered and looked after when possible, items will be provided the most extensive warranty package available. 

How Does Delivery works?

We pride ourselves on our worldwide 30 days service though we quote 30days. It is often case that your item will arrive much earlier than this, we would rather under-promise and over- deliver, then over-promise and under – deliver. Shipping charge vary depending on the item, we try to keep a flat shipping cost for the majority items. These will be specified at the item of purchase, all items are sent out using reputable carrier service, items are fully-ensured and guaranteed. We also provide the customer with a tracking number so you can track your package. We are sure to keep our client updated, every steps of the way. Some items are harder to ship than others, cars, yachts property and some miscellaneous. The nature of these products means we will be working closely with the buyers to arrange and organized delivery/hand over. We can take care of everything on our end and we make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Can I be able to customized order?

Yes, many of our clients wish to modify and customized items listed on the site, we facilitate this wherever possible. This particular popular with our car & motorcycle listing. Perhaps the listed color is not exactly what you are looking for, or you really don’t want a particular package on it, our account manager will be in-touch with you as soon as you place your order to specify your order preferences please fell free to connect with us or possible send an email at any stage of your buying experience and we will try to facilitate your request in any way possible. We knew what our customers want and 99 % of the items, we get it spot on.

Does Listing include Vat?

We desired to introduced a transparent and straightforward international market for premium of goods. Its due to this that we present all listing as not including vat (sale tax) through for many international orders vat is covered and paid for by crypto-emporium when possible we will advise our customers on vat and whether it applied to you.

How quality listing updated?

In our platform, listing and precising are updated daily. We are constantly rotating stock and on new goods for sale. We try to maintain a competitive and fair price for all our stock though with the value of our coin varying wildly. This does not always prove easy.

Token sale:

Currently we are trading live on Uniswap 

You can purchase your CEFI token live on Uniswap

Token Contract Address; 0xd6d6822b461eaefe7404413670ec26eed8986b48
UniSwap Link: https://info.uniswap.org/token/0xd6d6822b461eaefe7404413670ec26eed8986b48


In summary, today through blockchain technology we can be able to order, buy/sell our product through blockchain that connects every individual from various countries, the crypto-emporium has made things easily and accessible to client to purchase and order goods, and to those that has access to internet. I would advise you to follow our website and some link that would be dropped below to enable track more details about our project.

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