Emotional story of little boy...

Life is very pleasant and every moment can be enjoyed if seen. But our circumstances rob us of happiness.

Today I went to a workshop where a small six year old boy was working. I parked my bike under the workshop to get it fixed and I saw that six year old boy fixing my bike.

I was very sad to see this and tears came to my eyes. My grief increased even more when its owner gave abuse him. Its owner addresses it something like this!

Hey m****rf**r hurry up. 

"I told the owner not to fix my motorcycle."

And then I called him baby and started talking to him.

I asked him what is your name?

He said, "my name is adil." 

I asked him, 'Where do you live?' and what your doing? And what would your father do?

He replied: Innocently noting. They rest at home all day and we send the three brothers to work. He added that he had an eight-year-old sister who was begging on the road.

Hearing this, my hair stood on end and tears came to my eyes.

I asked him how much you earn in a day and how many hours you work?

He replied: I arrive at 6 in the morning and leave at 6 in the evening and i earn 100 rupees.

I asked him what he was doing with the money?

 He replied, "I will give it to my father."

I asked him if he studied?

He cried and replied, "Our father says that education is not in our destiny."

I asked him more and more that his master came so late and he said sir he allowed him to do more. 

I could not help the little boy.

I took the bike from there and came back.

But I will never forget this whole incident in my life. 

My question today is whether we can ruin the lives of children for our comfort?

Millions of children like Adil are deprived of education in our countries. They work to run their homes.

I don't know if circumstances force them to work or if it's our fault.

The moral is:

​"Stop child labour

My point today is please don't make children work.

​"Stop child labour"

Education is everyone's right and no one is deprived.

​Note: (This story is based on fact)

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HariS Khan
03 Sep

you have shared really a  emotional story of a little boy . we need to help these poor peopls because they have alots of problms



imran ullah
03 Sep

Please help needy, 

Don't take return 

Just try to give love ❤️❤️❤️



Nisha Tahir
03 Sep

this is really a sad story we should take a stand against child labor childs are future of our country and education is must act for them 

our first priority must be  to make the more child like adil study

thanks for sharing a valuable message 



Rock Usama
03 Sep

Thank you dear. Yes you are right.



Raheem Ali
03 Sep

Nice story 

We must keep in view such people  and help  them 



Umm e Ammara
03 Sep

You have made a very good post and this child is doing something under some compulsion and Allah will definitely help him.



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