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Red lipsticks, red like wine, music, champagne, tuxedos, elegant dresses, veils, chattering and echoing conversations in the corner, but the whisky was the only thing keeping seated around all the people I couldn't stand. My entire clan was celebrating New year's eve the old boring traditional way of forced conversation, plastered smiles, wicked grins, and terrible remarks disguised as compliments.

Sipping my third glass of whisky in the corner, "and now, the evil genius, Masso the guitarist" my uncle announced as he made a grand entrance. Gripped with a feeling I never recognized, my heart skipped two beats as he struck the first chord of his guitar, making me drop my glass. A cacophony made out of sound and emotion engulfing my space.

The audience cheered as if gesturing him to go on. The second chord struck the very nerve of ecstasy in me. I turned, not by my volition but by the strange sensation that had enveloped my body. The sound of his guitar and my body seemed to communicate a very strange language like a conversation between a Persian king and his loyal slave. Chord after chord he unraveled a fire inside of me.

Somehow I had motionlessly drifted through the audience and found myself standing in front of Masso and his guitar in my red vintage dress. In that instance, he cleared a strand of hair from his face and looked at me so elegantly, his deep emerald eyes piercing through my soul. In the heat of the moment, everything and everyone vanished. Only vast space, Masso and I locking eyes and the striking chords of his guitar.

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preview not available Saqib Ajmal
27 Jan

Wow I have never seen someone describes any scene so beautifully, It really changes up my boring mood and sends me to another world

Keep it up:)


Benazir Ibrahim
27 Jan


I'm elated that I was able to create that atmosphere for you. It's an hour. I will certainly keep it coming. Thank you for stopping by.


preview not available Esma Sid
27 Jan

Wow!! your creativity gave me a vibe. Intoxication of the scene that you've written is enough to mesmerize writers like me. Bravo👌


Benazir Ibrahim
27 Jan

Oh my God, this means everything coming from you. I wanted that effect and I'm super happy I was able to achieve that. Thank you so much.


preview not available Adelan o
27 Jan

This was a nice write up, the Guitar and Masso must have had much influence on her and she didn't realise it. Till the play started. I like the setting, sounds like a ball or dinner party😉


Benazir Ibrahim
27 Jan

Oh yes. I think we must add the effect of the whiskey too. Everything combined made it out of this world. Thank you so much for your time.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
27 Jan

What strikes me the most about this publication is the magic, elegance and romanticism that is experienced in the scene, despite the frivolities.
Excellent, publication.
I congratulate you!


Benazir Ibrahim
27 Jan

Thank you so much. That's the magic intended. I am super excited that you were able to see that. This feedback is highly appreciated.


Bashir Ahmed Khan
27 Jan

Wow you have chosen the words very wisely it's and you have described it well...

Stay blessed


Benazir Ibrahim
27 Jan

Thank you so much Bashir. Remain blessed too.


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