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Emanate - great project worth checking!

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Elena Demou 2 weeks ago

Ahh that's awesome... I love emanate! I have some of this because I believe that is is going places! Artists need to be able to control their own money and make more of a cut sooner, it is going to revolutionize music streaming! Thanks Romana, very excellent write up! 

Romana Grubesic 2 weeks ago

Exctlly Elena. Artists were always last in the line to pick up rewards for their work. It is time for changes, and I do believe Emanate will change that.

CHARLES FUCHS 2 weeks ago

I've been reading about this... I'm a EOS Moon boy thats why hahaha

Romana Grubesic 2 weeks ago

lol! I like how it looks, and I like the fact it is on EOS.

Reden Edusada 1 week ago

very informative that people should know

Smokey Crabtree 6 days ago

Wow! This project sounds great. Gonna go dig deeper into it. Might have to pick up some of it. Thanks for the great post!

Romana Grubesic 6 days ago

Thnx Smokey! Yes, it is interesting for me too, specially because it is related to music.

Smokey Crabtree 6 days ago

Olfactory senses are known to be tied closely to memories of feelings. Listening to music is like smelling someone’s soul. 

St3v3 T88888 6 days ago

I love the sound of this project







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