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Electroneum - project for ALL people

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Elena Demou 5 months ago

I love ETN. But personally my favorite part of this whole project is what they are doing to help countries that need it the most. This is truly an extraordinary project in my mind.

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

Me too! And this is very imortant for mass adoption.

Sharon Moran 5 months ago

I get very excited about that too. Any first worlder should look at the easy access they have to freelance work, and then stop and think, is the developing world really going to be kept out of participating forever? Ahem..... *enters Electroneum's gig economy. That's how it's going to happen.

Lucas S 5 months ago

Yes! This is one of the coolest parts of this project that I didn't know about when I 1st started with it.

Luke Brenland 5 months ago

Quality review Romana! As always the detail is top notch and really does get ETN vision across! :D

Well done on such an awesome review! :)

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

Thank you Luke,! And thank you for your support!

Er Dk 5 months ago

Thanks for spreading the Electroneum word, this is a solid project.

For anyone interested, you can mine more $etn with the #Electroneum app, use my code: F92EE5 

You can download the app wallet and miner (Android) here:

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

It is a great project with huge support from community. I like their model and everything they plan to do :)

Nathan Kaytar 5 months ago

Sweet review!   thank you for all your info! ?

PersonalyI only has a very small amount of ENT.

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

You entered during ICO or mining with your SP?

Busola Akinlolu 5 months ago

Electroneum makes a lot of sense, thanks for this information and for shedding more light on it.







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