Egret in the lake

Egrets are common waterbirds we find in our lakes here. These graceful creatures have always attracted me. These pictures were some of the last pictures I took outdoors before the lockdown in 2020.

I know I have written a post about how my husband and I went to this supposedly beautiful lake to see a variety of birds and this was all we got to see, weeds and more weeds and a few birds very far away.

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This egret seemed to be walking on the weeds, but it was like he was walking on water. 

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Unstable and bouncing on the weeds in the lake. It was funny to watch this guy or who knows maybe a gal.


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The bird finally found a stable place and steady footing on this patch of the water hyacinth.

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An image of a juvenile male cattle egret. 

Hope you are having a great 2up Tuesday!

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Ishmael Kelechi
02 Mar

Fine photography. The cow egret made a good appearance on the green water hyacinth making the sight and capture so beautiful. 

Good job once again on the photo.


Sofs Su
02 Mar

The contrast is good but the distance was really too much.


Joe Yenum
02 Mar

It really would be fascinating to see. Especially how they can step on the water hyacinth without sinking.


Sofs Su
02 Mar

This is their home so I guess they are familar with this.


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

Every creature has its own attractions and beauty. He (Almighty) not create any thing useless . White birds around the lakes always has their existence due to water , food and hidden points to lay eggs . Egrets also a bird from same family . Good snapshots especially second one where he looks as aeroplane takes off.


Sofs Su
02 Mar

To me nature and all creation is amazing. It is God's amazing gift to us . Thanks for stopping by.


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
02 Mar

That's to show you how powerful God is but the reason they can step on that without sinking is due to their light nature and the gripping toes.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
02 Mar

All those shots are impressive, because you were able to photograph these herons very closely, I had never seen the cattle egret, it is very beautiful, I am getting to know it today with your publication.
Thank you because you always delight us with your work.


Sofs Su
02 Mar

Thank you kind sir. I thought cattle egrets are common everywhere. I love these elegant birds. 

Thank you for stopping by.







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