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Once there was a man who went to jungle near his village. suddenly he shouted that "here is a lion and trying to attack on me". All the villagers went to rescue him, but when they reached there,they saw no lion there, and man was standing alone. the villagers were frown at him and come back to village.

Some days later the same villager again went to jungle, and after some time he again started shouting ,that "the line is here to attack me". this time also many of the villager again came to help him. when they reach to jungle, they saw that the man is lying again. the villagers came back their homes with heart full of hate against him.

Few days after ,the villager again went the jungle and shouted about the lion. this time the lion really came to him. He screamed shouted calling for help. The villagers thought that he is playing with us again, so no one went for his help, and the lion ate the villager.


Sometimes there is no need to lie about, but we just do it for fun, not knowing the effect of it on us and others.

there is a well said that "lie has no feet to stand upon".

All we speak create our image on others mind gradually. and a perspective made about any human is the continuous sequence of images we build on their mind.so we should try to make that images positive.


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