"Education" & its "Types"

Assalam O Alaikum!


How you define education.?

Many will say a process of learning is education. 

I believe it is right but education can be of three types:

1. The education which we are getting from school, college, universities (institutes)


2. The education which we are getting from parents like manners, behaviour.


3. The education which we get from life and the environment.


& these three types of education will help us at any stage of life.

Education through Institutes:

This kind of education will give us many chances to prove ourselves in the respective field and to earn a job for your future. With this education, we can earn money and can fulfil our requirements.

Education from parents:

Our parents teach us from the beginning of our life. They teach us how to talk, how to eat, how to walk, how to respect anyone, how to give priority to relations etc.  

No matter what, we have to be in a respective way for everyone. They teach us how to behave with elders, child, teachers, relatives, friends. Most important he always teaches us about the problems we can face in our life but we can not understand that until we face them. They always say choose your friends carefully, because your friends will be your identification when parents are not with us. But we never understand and obey their teachings & when someone betrays us then we realize how much our parents were right.

Education through Life and Environment:

Our life is not a bed of roses, we all have to suffer for success. We all have to work hard to be a successful person. In the journey to be a successful person, we will meet many problems, many kinds of peoples may be bad or good, maybe supportive or not, maybe they motivate or they demotivate.

Personally, in every person's life, many problems can come and we have to face them, to solve them. overcome them. These challenges make our life successful. These life teachings will make us more strength to overcome each problem.




preview not available Arslan .
02 Mar

Wa Alaikum salam

The education we get from schools, colleges and universities is our fun. No book in the world teaches man the lessons that real life teaches man. I have seen many educated people treat their parents worse than their enemies. And I've seen so many illiterate people treat others so well that I often bow my head in shame when I see them.


Ifiok Eso
02 Mar

Education is very important in our lives. We have got to learn everyday. Anyone human that is not educated either schooled or cultured, is an incomplete human being..


Musawir Ali
02 Mar

All three of them are extremely important to get. We must go to school or college, must spend more time with parents to learn manners and going out and learning the way of God, the way nature works, it's extremely important too


Nuzhat Razia
02 Mar

The mother's lap is the child's first school. Both education and training are essential to become a successful individual.  Training reveals one's lineage.  So our parents start teaching us the difference between good and evil from the beginning.


Tooba Arslan
02 Mar

Exactly I'm agreed with you that education is not just about taken from schools college or universities it's also depends on our environment or our experience. 


fazal karim
04 Mar

Oh yes school  or collage is not only way to get education  experience and different experience  of life u

Is a real way to learn 


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