Edo Election in Perspective

Edo election and the intending dramer that looms ahead, the most vulnerable are the electorates that seem not to have any choice to break out from the sharkles condition on them by the political elite. 

The long and short of the whole story is never to get yourself killed in a war that is only intended to position the elite for more political gains and and allow you to wallow in your misery. 

Indeed Alexander Pope wasn't wrong when he opined that politics is the madness of the many for the benefit of the few. The previous election, it was the Incumbent Governor in APC and the Opposition in PDP. But now going into the September election, it's not the other way round. Politics that's completely devoid of political ideology but permanent interests to sustain the interest of the political elite. 

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Auto Villez
11 Aug

This Edo state scenario goes far to show how desperate politicians could be, most times they only have their own interests at heart and not that of the masses. The one time loyal son has turned an enemy overnight. Let's wait and watch now everything plays out. Federal power might come into play 


Akintunde Hussein
11 Aug

That's what we are facing in this country now. The politics of this country is totally messed up and can't be fixed again.

It's just unfortunate and pathetic to see bunch of selfish people dominating and ruling this country all in the name of their selfishness and greediness 🤦🏾‍♂️


Chidiebere Nze
11 Aug

At the end of the day none of them are fighting for the sake of the common man, but their own selfish interest.

There will come a time when genuine leaders will rise up and take their position in running the affairs of this nation. Nigeria is a project of the Almighty God he has not abandoned us


Mughal Mirza
11 Aug

Among all politicians no one stand with with the common man they always think about their own benefit I think this is called politics

 I wish I could understand politics but still my age of 25 years I cannot understand politics because these are just showy tales 


Edy Stringz
11 Aug

This means we need to take heed to Alexander Pope' words when embarking on any election 

We shouldn't die for the benefit of those who attained political positions for their own gains no matter what 







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