ECOMI Secure Wallet review.

All you need to know about ECOMI. 

It's got an ePaper display that is operated by the buttons on the wallet itself and the while it uses a companion app which again download it on the phone. The team states that each currency on the wallet itself can have up to five wallets or five accounts on the secure app it has battery inside the secured wallet and that lasts up to four weeks on a single charge. 

Little fact about this wallet and the overall project  is a crypto project that is working towards bringing collectibles to the blockchain they basically want to do what crypto kitties did but ten times better, they're creating a digital marketplace to buy and trade collectible digital assets like pokemon cards. 

Comparison view point. 

It's true ledger and treasure have been on the market for quite a while and they have put out some real-life tests proving that they are reputable, they are secure and they do stand behind the products, so time will tell if it can stand up to its promises. 

Closing thought. 

I like the design of the wallet, it's small portable and easy to use and has a companion app, the price is very competitive and it makes it a viable option for newcomers. The wallet itself is super thin and it's definitely comparable to a credit card in shape and size as far as weight goes it's almost non-existent. 

I think it's also kind of cool the parent company will be supporting crypto collectibles on the wallet as well that being said I'm not a fan of the private key being generated on the phone and not on the wallet.


1. ECOMI has a companion app much cleaner and easier to use that makes it so much more usable and easy for the average person. 

2. The price point is great the wallet $99 that puts it lower than almost everything on the market making it a great entry level. 

3. ECOMI provides the highest level of security. 

4. Also they have referral/affiliate program. In which a good amount of commission is available.


1. My concern with all newer hardware wallets is the legitimacy of the security, Looks exactly like CoolWallet S. It may seem like a copy version to anyone.

2. Some negative reviews can be noticed with the application, seems a bit buggy, Although the wallet is good but very few people are using it. Only Installs 1,000 according goole play store.

I hope you enjoy the review. The whole review is based on research and their community feedback, because I didn't use the device. Do your own research before purchasing.



Ali Raza
02 Sep

Good post as it shares some important points.



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