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Eco Smart, an investment within everyone's reach

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Jovial Odili 4 days ago

It's really good to share innovative ways of investing. 

Christophe Wilhelm 4 days ago

YEs, thanks for your comment 

The Key Works are - Diversify your portfolio :) 

Aigbokhan Ana 4 days ago

this is another awesome making money post.. i will have to partner with you on deals so i can be rich

Christophe Wilhelm 3 days ago

Ahahaha possible :) Unfortunately we don't get rich as quickly and easily, but ambition often helps :)

Aigbokhan Ana 3 days ago

I am very ambitious and can be very persuasive...

my brother once told me, i am the best Nagger...Lol

anyways thats bcos i always push him to get up to speed

Christophe Wilhelm 3 days ago

To be a good salesman, you have to know your product. 

"To be convincing, you have to be convinced."

Aigbokhan Ana 3 days ago

Nice must be a motivator.. 

Christophe Wilhelm 3 days ago

No, life experiences :) 

When we want something, we must give ourselves the means to get it :)

Nothing is forbidden (except what the law forbids !), nothing is impossible

Aigbokhan Ana 3 days ago

OMG! another motivational have them inbuilt


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