Easy way to get rid of body odor

Unusual odors emanate from the body of many, which often causes annoyance to others. Body odor is called bromhidrosis in the language of medical science. Although it is a normal part of human life, excessive stench can lead to embarrassing situations. So everyone wants to get rid of body odor.

Before that, let's find out what causes body odor. Excess body weight, spicy and spicy foods, diabetes, kidney problems, liver disease, overactive thyroid, hereditary physical condition, stress and excessive sweating. A doctor should be consulted if you notice a sudden change in body odor, as it can be a sign of a serious illness. Here are some ways to reduce body odor.

Regular bathing: Bathing at least once a day will reduce body odor. Soap or shower gel can be used during bathing. Especially in bad smelling places. It is advisable to take a bath twice a day in a warm, humid environment.

Use of antibacterial soap: If you still have bad breath after regular bath, you can use antibacterial soap or body wash or benzoyl peroxide cleanser.

Use a good quality deodorant on the armpit area: Use the right product on the armpit to reduce odor. Using deodorant can make the armpit environment hostile to bacteria. This product covers the armpit odor with fragrance. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, block the sweat glands to reduce sweating.

Wear breathable clothing: Wear breathable fabrics to reduce body odor. Natural fabrics like cotton are better than polyester, nylon and rayon. Natural fibers like cotton allow ventilation, which can cause sweat to evaporate.

Clean hair: Apocrine glands are more in the areas of the body where there is more hair, such as armpits and genitals. The hairs retain sweat and create a favorable environment for bacteria to live. So if you cut your hair regularly, body odor will be under control.

Dietary changes: The biggest step is to change your diet. Exclude spicy foods or spicy foods from the diet. Studies have shown that people who eat strong-smelling foods have more body odor. Even alcohol can affect the smell of sweat.

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Chidiebere Nze
23 Nov

The best thing about my home remedy is that it is super cheap and still allows me to sweat.


Syed Faizan
23 Nov

Thankyou soo much this gonna be much helpful for us







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