Earn Extra Income ~ Read Cash Review

First of all...

I would like to make you understand how you'll be earning an extra income by just sparing 2 minutes from your routine of posting articles on Uptrennd.

First, you should register on Read Cash if you haven't registered here is my referral link 👇


Read Cash Review

I joined Read Cash almost 6 months back when spamming and content theft there was on its peak and they were trying to figure things I posted 2-3 posts as there were so many spammers I didn't get anything no comments likes no engagement anything. It was quite a worse start and I left it. I've been checking Read Cashback and forth and I found now they have a better system of punishing spam and rewarding quality stuff. Let me share you some detailed analysis

Read Cash is almost the same as Uptrennd but they have bots to work instead of guardians/moderators which include both merits and demerits of this feature.

Let me share you some rules and guidelines which I've concluded. 

  • You can't post anything which you've posted in somewhere else or in any other platform if you tried to post your post will be unpublished automatically and you're account may be listed in spam category (Means no rewards)

  • There is a bot there named TheRandomRewarder which will reward your content with tips based on its coding in intervals. It's tips based on certain conditions and judgments by it. The detailed articles you should read by the link given below 👇

~> Click Here For Guidelines <~

  • Before you post anything on Uptrennd just post first on Read.cash and you'll get rewarded extra income which I'm talking about you've nothing to do just write an article on a notepad and copy-paste there first publish and then post it on Uptrennd. Don't forget to our your link of read.cash articles on Uptrennd Post description like this post first appeared here... 


Although when I joined back on Read.cash then I commented on a post and refreshed that post and I see my comment was hidden just because my account was marked as spam due to some reasons so I mailed to [email protected] and the response was pretty well after then I started posting there here are my recent post check out how much I've earned for just sparing my 3 minutes there. 


This is just a start and I'm pretty impressed by their system. Be sure to put descriptive content and post first there :) 


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Fiha Shah

Thanks for letting me know about this great platform. No doubt Uptrennd is a great platform, where we learn and earn and same like this read cash is also a great earning and learning platform. 

I'll try to create an account there and will follow the guidelines.


preview not available Navi .

Yeah that's better if you spare few minutes to post there first and then here :) 


Fiha Shah

Ok, Sure I'll do this first Uptrennd, and then On read cash. :)


preview not available Navi .

Ops you got that in a opposite manner. 

Post on readcash first then post on Uptrennd with readcash link at the bottom of article :) 


Fiha Shah

Thanks for correcting me. Yeah, we need to post on the first read cash.

And the link is required here at Uptrennd. 


Tayyab Hasnain

That's really awesome sir, to earn from both websites readcash as well as uptrennd simultaneously. 

I wanna ask, when we post it on uptrennd

Would it be OC..?? Please elaborate this


Akash KP

its wonderful and easy site for earning. thank you so much for guidlines. Everyone should register himself in this site and get opportunity to earn. 

Thanks for sharing this information with us. 


Bright David

Just like you, I registered but was discouraged because of the lack of engagement I had on my post. I decided to focus on uptrennd and forget about it. 

Good a thing they have improved and thanks so much for bringing this to our knowledge. I will go back and do as you said... Provided I just need to post it there first before bringing that same post to uptrennd... It won't be a big deal... 

I appreciate this information. 


Vesko Petkov

Do you use HIVE blockchain? You can earn a decent income in cryptocurrency there.


preview not available Navi .

Nope I haven't tried it. Is it worth a try? I love to explore :) 


Areej Raheel

Ok yes try and then tell us how reliable it is ... Sir.  :-D


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