Earn Cryptocurrency From Beermoneyforum.com

Are you a strong lover of cryptocurrency , and you which to earn Crypto with less stress ? , Then , beermoneyforum.com is the place you need to be.

There are many sites that pays in cryptocurrency ,such as noise.cash , read.cash , Hive , etc ,but these sites based their earning on the voting system. Users earn only when other users upvote their posts or comments.

At beermoneyforum.com , the case is different . You don't have to depend on people to upvote your comment before you earn. You earn when you make a comment or create a thread. For each comment you make , you earn automatically 20 BMF points , while 50 BMF is for each thread you make. The points for comments is credited immediately upon posting your comment ,while the points for creating a thread is paid after the thread has been moderated.

Is their post limit ?

BMF is a site that gives users the value of their time. You can make a maximum of five comments per hour ,which sums up to 100 BMF points (0.1) ,and a maximum of 10 threads per hour. This means that after your first five comments in an hour , you have to wait for one hour to be able to make another five comments or create threads. If you can be able to post up to ten times ( comments only ) in a day , you will earn 1$ per day  , and if it includes threads ,then you will earn higher.

What is the payment rate ?

1000 BMF = 1$ 

What is their payment methods ?

BMF pay in bitcoin and payeer for those who can't receive crypto. In case you can't receive any of the two , there is marketplace section where you can exchange you earning with users ( a sort of P2P trading )

Is the site legit ?

Sure it is legit , below are payment proofs to back it

preview not available

preview not available

How can I Join ?

Simply click BMF

Are there other ways to earn from the site ?

Yes , there are other ways to earn , I will discuss them in my next post. 

Header image is from ​Here​​​

Screenshots was gotten from ​BMF payment proof section ​​​



M- AhmAd
02 Mar

How we can withdraw? There is no option of withdraw.

And one more thing what does it mean thread post


Josemendez P.
02 Mar

You can withdraw by sending message to the admin @BMF. 

You will withdraw through bitcoin or perhaps payeer. 

Thread is like creating new topic 


M- AhmAd
02 Mar

I have send 7 message but still showing 22BMF? Whats this mean..

And minimum how many we can withdraw?


Josemendez P.
02 Mar

I saw your posts . They were short . It has minimum of 50 characters , that is four lines of sentence . 

Minimum is 2000 bmf 







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