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07 Dec
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Earn 2000 points - Uptrennd escape room!

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Luke Brenland 3 months ago

very interested in seeing how this plays out! lol Thank you Romana and Tin for making this for Uptrennd Celebrations :) have you boosted?

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Thnx Luke! I have boosted :) i wonder how it will end!

Bushra Bukhari 3 months ago

Qwaow interesting. That boy is too creative Mann.

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

He loves.escape room games, i love them too. Hope you will join our game! Good luck :)

Athar Saleem 3 months ago

☞ The Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS) in 2001 is pioneer in Escape the Room games;as it was addicted. ...

☞ Till then these games proved to be exciting & adventurous ;require detective skills to escape a room,finding hidden clues......

☞ Now,onto Uptrennd a new kind of excitement in the form of a escaped-themed online game  is unleashed.......It's time to enjoy more fun.(Thanks Romana)🙎

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Thank you Athar! Are you a fan of those games too?

Athar Saleem 3 months ago

Actually my child is addicted to these games and he is best at games.Sometimes we join and play together such games.

Victoria Haruna  3 months ago

Means that your son would be winning the price for you

Romana Grubesic  3 months ago

Great! Than he can solve.some with drawings :)

Yerome Berlosconi 3 months ago

Done! Had fun with it. Thanks (and Tin ofcourse!)

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Great!! I will check the form!

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Check last 3 numbers of the phone. Tip: aligenment according to Coinmarketcap :)

Mohammad Imran 3 months ago

Wow! I would like to play it. Thanks for this entertainment.

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Hope you will enjoy it! Don't forget to fill final two answers in the form, link is at the bottom of the page.:) 


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