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Kris JS 5 months ago

This is so true, it's so important to talk to other people when things bother us but not always that easy. In an ideal world everyone should a confidante, someone they can offload their problems on but in reality its not always the case. At some point in our lives we all bottle things up and feel like we cant tell anyone else which makes us feel alone, this creates nothing but more inner turbulance and anxiety. This is why talking can be vital. There is no truer saying than "A problem shared is a problem halved". It really is good to talk!

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

There are alot of people who are fine being alone, but there will always come a time to have that "someone" to talk to and know how it helps to not keep so many things inside!

Saffi Huggaboo 3 months ago

That is such a Great lesson to learn and I think many off us can relate. Its ok to let People IN... We don't have to go through difficult times alone. 

I love this kind of reading when it is your own thoughts and feelings, and I know its not always easy to share that with others, but can help alot. 

And to take the experiences with us and learn from it. Open up isn't always easy but If we do it can turn out to be a blessing ❤️

Inspiering writing, and Thank you for sharing this with us. Cheers! 

Chris Tibbits 3 months ago

Thanks Saffi. I appreciate those thoughful words. They mean alot.

Saffi Huggaboo 3 months ago

Your welcome Chris 😊 was a good read, and your words makes us get to know you better. Best kind! 

javier arturo pulido andueza 4 months ago

When we begin to think about those bad things to throw them away we can talk about a good start in which we will have the opportunity to take advantage of the positive things.

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

Nice idea Javier. I am not sure how easy it will be to "throw them away". I feel alot may struggle in that area.

Saffi Huggaboo 3 months ago

I feel you there.. I am same.. I Feel alot...I always say... I love with my whole ❤️ but If Im hurt.. Im hurting with my whole ❤️ 

Chris Tibbits  3 months ago

So what do YOU recommend Saffi?

Saffi Huggaboo 3 months ago

Allow yourself to feel and find a way to use it as your strength. Feeling is power ❤️

Chris Tibbits  3 months ago

find a way...that's like cracking open an anthill and seeing all the different tunnels ..directions...choices...#overwhelming

Saffi Huggaboo 3 months ago

Awww...I hear you, and there is never an easy answer. Directions and choices can be really hard, for me I follow my heart and have faith that I will know what way to go... But ya... Its overwhelming! 


JR of Exciting World Cryptos 4 months ago

the chance to be your own leader is the best lesson one can have

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

That's an interesting perspective JR, thanks!

Rotimi Olusegun 4 months ago

You are so much on point. Sometimes when I open myself up to allow people of like minds work with me on any particular projects I am handling, I realized I achieve better results and it get completed in a short time so I can move on. The problem with this is that getting the right people on your team simply mean you have to be the right person to work with.

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

EXACTLY!! Having "help" to handle things is clearly better (sometimes), but it's having that "right" person. That's the key! They are not always there for ya in times of need. 


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