Dreams in my eyes

Hello buddies 

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the good health status .

Today i wanna talk about our dreams. I draw this sketch to just show that many of us have a dreams befbefore their eyes.

There are two types of dream

One that you have seen during sleeping 

2nd that you have seen with open eyes

Everyone want to turn your second dream into reality so they tried hard to turn it into reality. They have passion to turn it but some of them loses their passion in that duration because they failed very bad in that duration and they loss all their passion and they don't turn their dream into reality.

I wanna request them please don't give up. Maintain your passion same from first day till the end unless your dream turns into reality. 

You will be succeeded......

Thanks to read this



Chidiebere Nze
28 Nov

Many peoples living in this world. One is living in his dream, other is dreaming in his lives.


Earl Pino
29 Nov

Yes, you'll definitely succeed if you keep trying and not give up at every little disappointment







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