It is official now that I'm an ETA student of Uptrennd University. I am super excited to be embarking on this amazing journey of a thousand memories and experience.

This is my first assignment and I am a little bit anxious about it. It is always cringing for me when I choose to write about myself. It feels so bare and out there.

​I like to think about myself as multifaceted. I've always wanted to be a lot of things and I find it a  little limiting to have just one passion. I never really dreamt of working for someone even though I'm in my career right now. I've always had the entrepreneurial dream. To own and manage my business.

If I ever wish to work for someone, it would be to write for a magazine company I've had my eyes on for a while now. 

​Benazir Ibrahim,

Living Spring Chapel ​Avenue,

​Karu, Abuja.

[email protected]

23RD February 2021.

Mr. John Smith,

Magazine Editor​,

​The Word Tavern,

23 Dalton Street Asokoro Abuja.

Dear Sir, ​


I am writing about the position of fiction writer advertised in the Word Tavern Magazine February edition. I believe I have the necessary skills and expertise to fill up that void in your writing culture.

I am a creative writer and I have been writing scripts, short stories, and dialogues on blogs,  magazines, and forums for over three years. Over the years, I have developed a very strong writing prowess and communication skill.

 I am currently a student at Uptrennd University and at the same time, I am managing a blog on the site where I write amazing short fictional stories and a variety of content. Additionally, I am also managing a similar blog on the hive Network.

With all my skills acquired, ​I believe I will be very resourceful in bringing innovative, unique, and captivating content like never seen before.

​Thank you for your consideration as a valuable addition to your team. I look forward to meeting you, I cannot wait to add my positive energy to the growth of your administration.


​Benazir Ibrahim.


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Bright David

This is just wow... A writer is just perfect... You have all what it takes to clinge that position because you are an amazing writer.. Reading some of your publications alone is enough... I am yet to see a powerful fiction writer that can beat you.... 

All the best in the assignment.. You did great... You always do great... Nice header image.. Keep it up


Benazir Ibrahim

Thank you so much Bright. You know, it took me a while to really accept that writing is what I do. I never really called myself a writer. 

However, writing this assignment has brought me to the realization of why not?

Thank you so much for always believing in me.


Jeremiah Akpabio

Your application prove you to be a sound and creative writer. I appreciate your content and wish you well in your assignment. 


Benazir Ibrahim

Thank you for your warm wishes. I think you could also apply for the next badge.


Egwu Doris .

Wooow. Amazing career sis.

Many people want ti be self employed and sincerely if the resources are available am sure its the best.

And for your writing skill. Sincerely I can attest that you are doing great and there won't be reasons for the company to regret employing you.

Nice job sis


Benazir Ibrahim

Thank you so much. I always believe in the idea of financial independence. When all the resources are available, why not?

I'm wowed that you believe in my ability to write and bring life to words. This further gives me the encouragement to push. It 


Adetola Muheez

Great dear.. you're going to be a great fiction writer. You're on track, getting on the UU is a step and you've been writing for over 3 years now..that's amazing.

I'll love to see your writes soon ahead as your flourish in your career.

Wishing you the very best dear


Benazir Ibrahim

Thanks, dear. With uptrennd university. I know my writing skills will become more sharp and defined.

I cannot wait to make all those amazing memories with you all.


Dr.Jenny .


A write up is just perfect plus an amazing post ...  

this job suits you a lot and 100% sure you will get the job

stay blessed 

Best of luck for assignment 


Benazir Ibrahim

Thanks Jenny. I glad you share the same sentiments. I hope it is enough convincing to get the job.


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