Done another creative name artwork in blue font for our Guardian bro @Lucas.

Good day Uptrenndians!

Earlier this morning, i started pencil drafting of letters for bro Lucas name. First step is very easy to do, especially in drawing straight lines with a big help of my ruler here.

Second step is to trace the pencil lines with a 0.8 sign pen, again the ruler is needed for the straight line.

Now, the hardest part comes with in tracing the curves of the letters A, C and S, i need to make it slowly not to make any tracing errors. A professional artist can easily draw curves, but not me as I'm just a simple artist by heart lol.

Anyway, I'm happy to done it without any errors.

Cut-out is also easy, if the cutter is very sharp, no need to use heavy grip to the cutter to cut through on the cardboard.

And here are the final output of my creative name artwork. It comes in different color combinations. Bro Lucas can pick any of them.

This is my favorite one, i like the background of both black colors on the octagrams design and the background color with the Uptrennd logo in orange color.

With red Uptrennd logo.

With yellow Uptrennd logo.

And lastly, in black Uptrennd logo.

I can't use the original blue Uptrennd logo, as the font is also blue here, it will be hard to see both the letters and the logo.

I hope bro Lucas will love this too.

Thanks and keep on Uptrennding!



preview not available Bakhtawar Saleem
12 Aug

I'm amazed with your talent Sir .... you're so perfect at your art work... he will love your work...👍👏👏👏👏


Dr. Alafem .
12 Aug

This is really so beautiful.

I'm sure he'd love this design you've made for him.

Well-done sir.


Hina Jan
12 Aug

What a beautiful art very amazing thing uptrennd better than facebook these are showing


Pa3ck Soft
12 Aug

Wow this is really amazing and nice

Great job 


Mark Tony
12 Aug

You are doing the very nice job keep it up this is really a special art from you always showing I am really impressed







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