Don't say you love me

Hey dear Uptrenndians!

I know it's been a while since y'all saw me around and I've missed reading your amazing blogs and your lovely feedback on mine. 

I've been working on getting back to being active again and in no time, things will fall into places. 

But before then, here's a poem for you. This was inspired by @Safari Bangz's own poem, What do we say about love, earlier this morning. 


I think I might be having a problem;

It is really hard to recognise you, darling

When you say that you love me,

It is hard to tell if it is you speaking

Darling, you have this way

Of saying things and not showing them,

Of showing things and not saying them;

It is hard to make sense of the real you

You're way too generous with words

But darling, you're frugal with actions;

If you'll never show that you love me,

Then don't ever say you love me.

You know I'm always in love with your feedback, do well to share them with me 🙂

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Jessica Ossom
14 Jan

So many things are attached to this thing called love.

One person may be sincerely loving while the other is lusting.

Sometimes words and action define love.

The sincerity and commitment does.


Hillary Powers
15 Jan

You're totally right. Unrequited love can really be frustrating but it's even more damaging when the person you love is not being sincere about it


Ifiok Eso
14 Jan

Lovely piece of poetry. Love is all about actions, if you say you love someone, show it by action and not by words.. Action they say speaks louder than words..


Hillary Powers
15 Jan

Exactly bro! 

Actions n always supersede words. One should do more loving and less talking. Thanks for your feedback! 


Atanda Davido
14 Jan

It feels good to always been in love, when we are in love we need to create time for our love to grow, I know you love uptrennd and it is good you are working towards been active


Hillary Powers
15 Jan

Yeah, love is a very nice feeling when you're loved back. 

Thanks for stopping by, buddy


Safari Bangz
14 Jan

Nothing confused us as when someone say they love but don't show it... It's so stressing..  


Hillary Powers
15 Jan

It's darn stressing, bro. I felt the depth of that stress in the lines of your poem. 


Muhammad Sajid
15 Jan

I have read Safari's poem also that's why I enjoyed this poetry more. You have composed a beautiful reply. I missed you very much when you were not active here. Welcome my buddy. 


Hillary Powers
15 Jan

Thank you so much, Muhammad. I've also missed your constructive criticism and beautiful writings. 







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