Don't rush into buying landed properties without proper investigation

 Investment is the best thing anyone could go into because it's what will make us richer in the future if it's a good investment. There are different kinds of investment and landed properties are one of it, landed property doesn't depreciate instead it keeps adding value that's why many people with the capital rush into it. I don't know about other part of the world but in Nigeria rushing into buying landed properties without proper investigation about such property always pose a lot of risk because a wrong person may claim to be the rightful owner of such property and when you notice how less expensive the property is you rush into buying it.

I have come across many of this cases because some people are ignorant and always desperate to complete the deal and become the owner of such property but later you get to know the person you did transaction with wasn't the legitimate owner of such property and you might end up buying such property twice or even risk losing all your fund. At times the person is always the rightful owner by inheritance but the property may not be only for him or her but the person wants to sell the property and take all the money without the rest of the people knowing about. 

When ever you are bless with the capital to purchase any property always do a lot of investigation before purchasing such property or rather buy a property from a trusted company even if going through company is much expensive but you won't risk losing your money and you will need a good lawyer to document every transaction for you to avoid any foul play. 

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Uwem Ekanem
27 Oct

That's is very right. There is no rush in life and we shouldn't rush to buy landed property. We need to investigate and know more about the land we want to buy in other not to regret about it


Muhammad Zulfiqar
27 Oct

You choose a great topic in post. We should make investigation before then buy land. Many people lost their money because they buy land without investigation 


M Arsalan
27 Oct

You are right.... Land investment is one of the most risky way to invest our money proper investigation must be done....but at the same time very beneficial if we found right person on right time with right deal.... After all for success risk is must 


marriyam mano
27 Oct

No place should be bought until it is fully investigation. 

Nowadays people have started cheating about it too.

They show it to someone else's place and send it to them and later it becomes a crime scene whose action is known later.


Raheem Rao
27 Oct

Yes we don't think about we do and invest  but that wrong 

Proper investigation  is necessary 


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