Don't kill the good in people by your action

 I come from a place where people want us to worship them instead of helping us rise from poverty and they prefer us to address them as masters to show that they are above us. They want our continuous respect even if it's pretentious, they don't care about what you think about them because they feel they got all they want in life and they will never need your help, this people we sometimes call selfish and wicked people because they fail to see us the way we want and help us like we want, some of these people were once good people that are welcoming and willing to help people but one day someone kill the good in them and make them look at people in a different negative way. Every man have demons in them but are trying to control it so that they can all be godly and well appreciated among people but when we push them to the limit the demons in them start showing up even without them knowing,  this is why some people don't have the zeal to help humanity again but only left with their selfishness.

A lady borrowed money from her married friend and the friend willingly gave the money to her with no pride or looking down on her but when the day to refund the money came the lady who borrowed the money refused to pay back the money instead she started gossiping about the lady who helped her,  she told people that the other lady feel so proud just because she married a rich husband, this are things that can make that good lady change and stop helping people. The things we do thinking will affect only us isn't true because our actions today can affect other people as well. 

There's a story of a wealthy man who loves to lift other people by teaching them how to fish (earn for themselves) one day someone discouraged him by his action of ungratefulness and he stopped helping others because to him what happened might happen again.

We should learn to appreciate every help we gain from people because we all are human and humans love praise just like God does,  we like to be appreciated when we do good for people even though some people won't admit it. Don't take people trust or help for granted because you may change the persons good behavior by your action which will affect the next man who may also need help from the person, show gratitude.

Give respect to whom respect is due and always know who taught you how to fly, acknowledge them to encourage them. 

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Princess Busayo
10 Nov

There are still people who are ready to help but the bad acts of others to them has made them change. We should consider it a great privilege when someone helps you instead of being ungrateful to such a fellow. 


Ayoola Adegoke
10 Nov

Some people think they deserve a particular favour 

Meanwhile, we receive them by grace

We should always show gratitude towards people who have done us good


Saviour Essien
10 Nov

This is true  personally I quit assisting to some extent because lots of fellas are so ungrateful that you loose to guts to help more people. 


preview not available Victoria Haruna
10 Nov

We need to cultivate the habit of doing good to people irrespective of what people say or do. It should be part of our daily life. 

Whether you give to people they will complain, if you do otherwise they will complain. Just do your own and move on. 

God that sees both the private will reward your publicly and privately. 

Remember he sees the heart of all men 


Daniel T Akpokewa
11 Nov

Don't let money or lack of it at the moment Rub you of your Values, Morals and sense of reasoning.

Such people as you mentioned above wants to rub you of this important ingredients that makes you think and important don't let them. Your money will come hold on to your values


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