Don't give up.

✨Assalamualaikum dear uptrenndians And Honorable Guardian's.✨

If plan "A" didn't work. Remember the alphabet has 25 more letters.And if alphabet letters finish we have still numbers to count .

So you have no reasons to stop because numbers is countless.

Each of us has our own plans in life ofcourse , all of us has a dreams and goals in life . Because we are achievers and dreamers in a good way . But failures is always at the back of our success only we need to do and to remember when your plan A didn't work don't stop because next to plan A is plan B and next to plan B is C and next to plan C is D and so on when Alphabet letters finish you have still numbers to count. 

Always have an option in every step
you make because when we still alive there is no reason for us to stop and not continuing for what we started. I always told myself that what I started I will finish. So  never stop for what you started because that is the only way for you to pursue your dreams is to keep going .

Off and on, we want to quit our task, when we don't get our desired result. But, we need to know success comes through hard work. Getting something we should sacrifice and we have to maintain regularity.

We should never despair, if one door is closed for me another door would open for me from almighty Allah to reach our destination. 

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Tasleem Mohsin
28 Nov

Your one plan fails try another one you will definately get the goal. Always try something new and don't get upset very soon.


Kainat Fatima
28 Nov

Walaikum Salam. Yes, we should never be disappointed in life but we should think of moving forward. Sometimes what happens is for our good and anyway God never hurts a person more than he can handle. This is the life of always moving forward ignoring the failures of life. 


Chidiebere Nze
28 Nov

Life is always a struggle, but the Lord guides us in all our ways. God did not create man to live and give up at a particular point in time. No, God created us to live and prosper and proclaim His goodness to all the earth.


Tayyab Ali
28 Nov

Most of us have goals but many of them don't know how to achieve it.

If we get the right path we start moving on it and at some circumstances we fail badly enough that we can't think of stand up again. 

You know what is failure,  after falling you don't stand up. 

One who stand up will achieve the goal


Top Np
28 Nov

You can't be successful in everything in life, but you have to try all your life. Trying is the way to success.


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