Don't Do Unnecessary Things



Good mornonevenight Everyone...

 I hope you will be fine and enjoying well.

Once a man was fond of cat walking on promotional shows. He had a skill to perform it easily and with much accuracy when he was in solitude. This is because he always tried it solely in the closed door room 😂.

Once he got chance to represent a dress by a company and was offered. He accepted it and reached the place in time. The costume he had to wear was very funny and it was his first experience.

He was called on the stage and present his dress model. When he came on the presenting board in front of hundreds of people and plenty of cameras , his legs started trembling. 😃😂

He didn't lose hope and carried on his way towards the end of the board below the last glowing lamp. He had to wear a show with high heals LOL 😂😂. It was a great challenge for him.

He presented very well and reached the last part of the board  and made a gesture to return back with his neck by thrashing his hair towards the viewers. 😂😄

When he was coming back his show stuck in the wood and he fell down 🤣. He was unable to balance himself. Indeed he was ashamed at last. 

After the adventure he skipped this for ladies. Because the things we can't do , women can perform the well.



Joe Yenum
26 Feb

that's good ffor him. I'm unable to do any of them.


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
27 Feb

Indeed this was an unnecessary thing for that man because men cant walk in heels and that place is only reserve for women. Only girls can walk peacefully in heels. Thats why we should only do things that concern us.







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