Don't complicate your life but try to make it successful

Dear uptrendianns 

Assalam  Alaikum! 

There are many people in the world who do not tolerate the happiness of other human beings. They feel jealous of the success of other human beings.But no one wants to know what is behind their happiness , what is the secret behind their success.

The secret of man's happiness 

is that when he does not complicate his life, he always feels happy.Because when a person complicates his life, then he has to face a lot of pain/ problems And his life becomes like a torment because when a man complicates his life too much and keeps thinking about evils all the time or keeps thinking about harming a human being,

When a person give  hurts 

to another person, not only does the other person suffer  Rather, he is hurting himself.There are a lot of people in this world who are jealous of other people's success and happiness and want to take away their success..Never be proud of yourself because time is not always the same. Time is very cruel. He doesn't realize anyone.

No human being should be jealous 

of another human being's happiness and success but should learn from his happiness and success.And man should always tell himself that  I can do it when he can succeed then what is difficult for me.

So instead of feeling jealous of the success of others, try to make yourself a successful person

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Muhammad Bilal
20 Oct

Yes brother jealous people can never become successful in life because that does not work for their own goal. 

Because success does not come from easy way it need much attention consistency in hard work and determination


Asim Alvi
20 Oct

Exactly, complication makes stress generating on self, I just say believe in self because self believe is the most important factor in achievement of any kind of success, self believe is the point where we get up on defeat, because defeat is not when you lose, defeat is when you refuse to stand-up, and only you willing will be makes to stand... 


Aniss Emma
20 Oct

You should always learn to make jealousy into something good. It's a normal phenomenon for humans to feel jealous and it's another thing to channel it to making yourself better. 

What we're to do is make better outcomes of what we see people do well and make sure we emulate them and even make them better with ourselves 


Soban Paracha
20 Oct

We must face all the difficulties that come in our life and move forward. If we are afraid of the difficulties of our life, we can never succeed. We should bring happiness and whenever our trouble comes, we should express happiness. Do it and don't feel like it because that's how we will move towards success..


Adetoye Olalekan
20 Oct

Walaikum Salam.

Jealousy brings alot of hatred and negative thought always..we should not be sad if someone happiness let us Share loves amongs ourselves and be positive thinking don't need to complicate your life, just be happy


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