DOMINATING GAMEPLAY - Enemy Ragequit! - League of Legends Kaisa.

Today we will be playing Kaisa, the marksman, in the bottom lane as the Attack Damage Carry role.

 On the enemy botlane we will have the formidable and dangerous Aphelios as the ADC and the cancerous Seraphine as his support. Both of them are really dangerous if not played well against. I have a decent support Lux who should keep them away from me while I level up. 

In this game I will be focusing and training myself on wave management, i.e., pushing creeps or freezing the lane by managing the minions. I want to keep the pressure on by freezing the lane way into my side of the lane forcing the enemy away from the gold and exp as well as forcing them to overreach and step into a vulnerable position. 

I also want to focus on surviving and getting the best score in and out of lane. 

I get a massive gold lead, a massive bounty on my head and a huge minion lead In this video I get a near-perfect score, after the enemy adc ragequits early in the game. Later on the enemy support completely AFKs. So very satisfying.

The game is a little choppy as my GPU isn't strong enough to run OBS and give me 60 or more FPS at the same time. Hoping to get that fixed. 




Joe Yenum
24 Jan

Heck I'm lost. I honestly don't speak game.... But I can tell you doing great in it.


Enobong Peter
24 Jan

I love playing game, it makes sense when  having nothing to do. Some of this game offering good ideas for future used.

Thank you very much for sharing this contents with us here on uptrennd platform


preview not available Bill White
01 Feb

Please stop spamming the platform with the same "Okay" comment.


Bashir Ahmed Khan
25 Jan

It's amazing game hope you'll enjoy it...







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