Dolphin ~ Man's sincere friend.🐬


You must have seen the long-faced black fish in pictures printed in newspapers and magazines & in cinema halls, in movies shown on television. It is known as Dolphin.

This is the most intelligent creature in the ocean. It is the only animal in the world whose brain is larger than the human brain. Dolphins love humans so much that dolphins don't like to be away from humans.

Dolphins love humans more than fish. He has repeatedly helped fishermen. When she sees the fishermen getting frustrated, she catches a lot of fish in the sea. If a dolphin gets caught, it tries to rescue it.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle mentions a dolphin that used to carry a baby on its back and leave it across the lake. That child went to school. At the off time, the fish waited for the baby at a special place. When the baby came, he would sit down on it's back and bring him back. She loved this baby very much and often played with his little friends.

Dolphins make their home like humans. She loves her children very much and she works hard to raise them. If a fish falls ill, all the fish in the town come to take care of it and hunt it down.

Apart from humans, dolphins are probably the only creatures in the world that suffer from pneumonia and heart and brain diseases. Many dolphins die of heart attacks. A heart attack is usually caused by a deep trauma.

The speed of a dolphin is usually 50-100 kilometers per hour. Dolphins have an amazing sense of hearing. If you throw a grapefruit into the water for the dolphin, it will pick it up with lightning speed. The dolphin uses its ears instead of its eyes to reach that grapefruit. The sinking of the grapes in the water produces a very slight tremor which is enough to warn the dolphins standing 40 kilometers away.

Unlike other fish, dolphins have very few offspring. Dolphins have been selectively caught out of the oceans or have gradually become extinct due to water pollution, so these fish are now rarely found. If dolphin conservation had not been arranged, man would soon have lost a sincere friend.



Huda Mehru
29 Dec

Ahaaan you have share very informative  post 

It has add to my knowledge  about the brain speed and nature of the dolphin. Thank you soo much 

Allah bless you dear keep trending 


Mastani Baloch
29 Dec


Dolphins are very social creatures and are rarely alone. But there are several cases of the 'lone sociable dolphin' — where a solitary dolphin's need for social contact means it appears to turn to humans as a substitute for its own kind.


Abid Ali
29 Dec

These are the amazing facts about the Dolphin.No doubt they are friendly with the human beings.In movie i have seen dophin play with the humans.


Somoo Hassan
29 Dec

I liked dolphins before but today after knowing their loyalty for us, my love has increased for them. 







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