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08 Mar
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Doing What I Love

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Pete Pierson 3 months ago

That's what I'm talking about right there, great job man! Keep getting the word out and teaching others how to improve their lives and break free from corporate spyware that does nothing but take from us and the value that we add to their centralized platforms that are earning billions from selling our data while never giving any of it back.

Osato Jegede 3 months ago

It's certainly not my last, and I'm not hoping to retired too soon

Maro Sheyi 3 months ago

....from selling our data n getting back from it had been everything with uptrennd.... Getting into it so deep like I belong here!!

I totally agree...✊

Tabish Aslam 3 months ago

Yes we should transfer our knowledge to others. Because the knowledge is only thing which increasing after dividing.

aloha dreamer 3 months ago

Osato, its clear that you are very passionate about this Uptrennd platform and our amazing community!  And I'm sure that many people feel as I do, that I'm grateful for all you are doing to teach others about it and bring them into the fold!

Osato Jegede 3 months ago

Seeing the Uptrennd platform grows beyond what it's today is my passion 

Zoltan Krasznecz 3 months ago

I am sure it will. I am a new Uptrennd user. I registered on Uptrennd yesterday (on 2020.03.08). This is a real social network. I love how the users are communicating and co-operating with each other. This is an entirely different thing (in a very good meaning) after trying on the Steem blockchain for approximately three years (since 2017.05.17).

Tosyne2much Adekola 3 months ago

Keep on doing what you know how to do best. All I know is that we are going to the moon soon🛫

Tabish Aslam 3 months ago

Its progressing by leaos and bounds. All of us are working to convince others to join it

Unwana Sunday Akpan 3 months ago

Great! Keep up the vibrant spirit of winning.

It feels great affecting and influencing life more positively.

The world needs such a great platform, it is worth preaching and spreading the good news.

Thanks for sharing. 


Osato Jegede 3 months ago

We're all working for the common good of this platform 

Mohammad Abdullah 3 months ago

Video is playing pause So I couldn't watch the whole video.

But it's a good effort to spread uptrennd.

Tabish Aslam 3 months ago

Its good clip.

You have to watch it , it gives much knowledge about uptrennd using







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