Does true love exists?

Does true love exists? Well it's so hard to witness if there is true love or not because this referred me to a man who had 2 wives. He hated one and loved the second one,the one he loved also loved him as she claimed they did things in common, but they neglected the second wife. One day the one that claimed she loved the man and that the man loved so much put poison in her husband food so that if he died,she would inherit the property but the one they hated, neglected saw her when she was adding the poison to the food. She told the husband not to eat the food because it's already poisoned by the wife she loved. 



Laiba Afzal
08 Sep

Yes true love does exist!! But it's so hard to find it.


Ikechukwu Ndukwe
08 Sep

true love exist when you cherish the relationship you have


08 Sep

Well to me true love exist you just have to pray to find the perfect one 


Xofo Miles
08 Sep

What was the man thinking when he Made the dicision of getting married to two women. Definitely there's bound to be commotion. But I believe true love still exist


Hamna AH
08 Sep

Everyone is different from other ❤️not everyone is same

So, please be positive 💞


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