Does iOS Devices Are More Compatible than Android?

The battles between iOS & Android devices has been going for years; from user experience to security, everything has fought between these two giant technologies to help their consumers get the best performance devices, whether it is for personal or professional use, these both techs always & always be competing with each other.


However, Android devices seem to be more secured & safer when it comes to user's privacy than iOS devices; why is that?


It's Because many times, hackers across the world have attacked both devices to stole or let the world know which is more secured to use for their personal or professional work, always iOS devices get cracked by these hackers within a while.


Even though many studies also depict a similar statement, apple products are right, but they need more strong foundational security alignment for users' privacy.


Recently I shared an article on a similar topic to explain why iOS technology needs more secure network-based services. And how they can achieve that with the right approach.

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