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Do you know about carrots?How important it is to the growth of the human body

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Lucas S 1 week ago

Great info and yes, I have heard of carrots! I love them, and have some every day. I mix it up in a smoothie, but I like them fire roasted or just baking in sticks as well.

Saqib Ajmal 1 week ago

This is also good but if you ever try to eat raw carrots, it will be very beneficial.

Sanda Druzijanic 1 week ago

Demand! Carots doesnt protect or prevent cancer!! 

Dont post without knowing and studing. Delete this post.

Iam Chijamz 1 week ago

If not for anything, the health benefits of Carotenoids will always make me take carrots.

Thanks for the reminder

Hadi Akbar 1 week ago

Dear carrots have a lot of benefits for our health 

Kiddanger Nobert 1 week ago

Carrots are good for our health, they contain minerals (potassium, biotin,..) and also vitamins K1, A and B6. Thanks for Sharing great informations. 

Saqib Ajmal 1 week ago

Your welcome brother 

Natasha Romanoff 1 week ago

 Carrots are used for raw food, cooking, salads and pickles.i like so much i mean i love 🥕

Iam Chijamz 1 week ago

Guess what?

They're also used for cleansing the face and body


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