Do you get a nap in day time ?

The alarm tells us to get up in the morning but it does not wake up our body, and the work of waking up the body is waking up and freezing. You may not pay much attention to these 4 processes because they are common. But these 4 actions give our body a lot more than just waking up.


The muscles get better

When we sleep, our muscles relax. But as we get older, these muscles slowly begin to return to their normal state. For just a moment, the thigh muscles will be released from their resting place, so that they can work in their proper position. This process will help us move.



Pressure reduction

When we eat and drink at the same time, it helps our blood to circulate, which in turn lowers the pressure - because of the part of the nervous system that beats our heart Responsible for speed, digestion, and endocrine functions. It seems to work better.


Eliminate body stiffness and stiffness

Spending too much time in the same position can affect our body and cause stiffness and stiffness. When we wake up after waking up, it activates the joints and muscles, which helps maintain a wide range of dynamic activities.


Helping the brain send strong signals to muscles

The limbs help to re-establish the connection between the brain and the muscles. This means that when we get limbs, our brain sends strong signals to our muscles. After which the brain begins to provide adequate help in performing various tasks.


Yawn keeps you awake

Yawn calms our minds and helps us stay awake - yawn keeps us alert even when we are getting bored while doing something.




preview not available Adelan o
15 Jan

I try to get a lil nap during the day, but it's almost too little or not ever, Lol. Naps are good, the body need all the rest it can get, as our days gets busier. Cheers


Muatadalo Muroo
15 Jan

Good luck çok anlaşılır bir  dil çok iyi


preview not available Adelan o
15 Jan

Hi, only English and Spanish language in the Espanyol Community is allowed on the platform at the moment. Thanks


shoukat altaf
16 Jan

Perhaps the purpose of this ban is to make it easier for each member to understand the post


Capt.Imran Mani.
15 Jan


A good thought and practice to share. A day time power nap is necessary for a good healthy body. We should take Atleast half an hour break during day time. Keep up the good work.

Stay Blessed


Dushka Aziz
15 Jan

Yeah now a days too stress of exams.. So when we tired i m start eating something nd walk for few mintues in a home.. Then my stress revail and now again start study..and i must eat choclates or something sweet during studing.. My mother say its better..


Brian Daniel
16 Jan

Thank you, you have motivated me to sleep more and take more naps. I've already resolved to do that several times, but somehow I don't manage it most of the time, even though I know how important it is. Anyway, my resolution for today is to take a power nap :)







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