Do Uptrennd Mods activities get checked? Who do we report Malicious Mod Downvotes to?

Uptrennd is easy when it comes to publishing articles, but it comes with another challenge: malicious downvoting. Of course that can't be ruled out, but the bad part is when one of the moderators use the downvote buttons maliciously out of spite, because that is the only reason I can think of when someone downvotes me for hating my post or thinking it doesn't deserve the points earned just because they have the power to.

So who checks mate such attitude from the Moderators? In this post ​Birthday Jolly Tray​​​ where I was discussing about food items in a birthday surprise I got, I got a huge point deficit and only a Guardian could take that much out. So I wondered what the particular Guardian hates in a food post to make them give a point deduction on OC self photographed post.

When I get upvote from some of these mods as low and 2points, I don't flinch, I don't think about it because i know a few who appreciates quality articles the more. But what I'm furious about and i want to find out is why some of these mods who reduce their votes will downvote articles that fulfilled all OC conditions. These guys have a responsibility to encourage original writers, is it justified to just take out of their points for no apparent reasons?

Do Mods/Guardians activities gets checked? My due respect to all the amazing and hardworking Guardians who takes their time to support content creators irrespective of their race or where they come from, and the ones who doesn't have favourites they only support often!

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Vincent Isibor
30 Oct

Hahahaha. Really talking from experience. I can imagine how it feels to experience that kinda situation. You have got some valid points made up 


Captain Philips
30 Oct

You can't, because my posts don't fail OC criterias, malicious downvote is different from penalties..


Scholastica Kosy
30 Oct

Its a pitty you got huge downvotes on that Oc post of yours. I believe they dont like seeing birthday posts, or probably a mistake because some thing similar has happened to me. I got 16 1ups downvoted from my points on a birthday post, i felt very bad but i dont know who to complain to, so i had to e dure it.

As for your question, I dont have know exactly. And i would love to know.


Captain Philips
30 Oct

Please, try and get the facts; it's not a birthday post! And that's why I made this post so the same mod that downvoted it can downvote this one too then I'll have my two proof.


Mimi Jay
30 Oct

Okay now I grab, you discussed food items in a surprise birthday present you got and God heavy down vote obviousy from a guardian...

It's really not funny, it fulfils all the rules of the OC badge so I Idont get the reason for the heavy downvote...  I hope someone answers us or maybe it was a mistake 


Captain Philips
30 Oct

You got my point, I get random downvotes but I'm not bothered, but from people who are tasked to balance the platform; then its really very dissapounting.


Mimi Jay
30 Oct

It really gives a cause for concern, it's really not funny cause the points are huge...  Maybe you should report to the support group if it happens again,lets pray it doesn't  


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