Dinner Steak Is Ready🍜

Steaks are always my favorite type of dinner, i often cook or bake chicken steak. This one is easy and simple "Cheese Steak With Pomegranate Sauce". Below is the recipe of it as how i've prepared it.


Chicken boneless breast cut, washed and pounded to make it look even.

Thyme leaves dried- a pinch (you can skip if you dont have)

Black pepper powder

Salt to taste

Rosemarry leaves dried- a pinch (omit if you have not)

Oregano ground- a pinch ( omit if you dont have)
Or simply take crushed red pepper
Ground coriander and anise seed powder and mix these.

Garlic clove 1- crushed into paste

Edible oil

Pomegranate seeds blended into pulp and seeds removed.


Cheese mozeralla or cheddar shredded


To cook your steak, first marinate it for 30 minutes at room temperature with garlic paste, salt and all other spices. After the marination time is over, take a pan, heat the oil and put 1/4 cup of water in it and place the chicken flap marinated. Cook on slow flame for about 20-25 minutes depending on how much the chicken takes time to become soft. After the chicken us cooked, turn both sides brown. Take it out into the platter and sprinkle the shredded cheese on it with placing it in microwave for about 1 minute or 45 seconds to let the cheese melt.


Take half cup of water in pan, boil it, add the pomegranate pulp into it, add half tablespoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and a pinch black pepper. Cook it on very low flame for 2-3 minutes and then add cornflour into it (dissolved in water prior). Checking out the viscosity of the sauce turn off the stove, it shouldn't be very thick or thin. Dinner is ready🍖.



Oluwapoju Adeniran
20 Oct

Thanks a lot.

What a delicious and nutritious meal for dinner. This must have taken lots of efforts of bringing this together.

Kudos to you


Segun Charles
20 Oct

Smiles... Without contradiction, this will be somehow stressful as described. Maybe because I'm lazy these days. One day, I'm gonna surprise all and male something like this. Infact, I'm saving this and trying it one day. Yeah! One day. 


Lucky Sylvester
20 Oct

Am already salivating for this. Chicken steaks are awesome when prepared during Thanksgiving and all the family gathering together. 


Wakygrace Shammah
20 Oct

Rosemarry is an ingredient 🤭😂

I haven't heard of such before. Rosemarry dried leaf, that's interesting.  

Is that the leaf on top of the steak?

I see you are having a nice dinner time and that food looks really small 😂😂 I am a foodie though, forgive me.

Don't think that can satisfy me lol🤔🤭


preview not available Esma Sid
20 Oct

Hahaha yes rosemarry is herb just like coriander leaves or mint. But this food is literally enough for me as i eat this much 😁😁😘


O.P iykman
20 Oct


 You got me laughing😂😂

Rosemary is an ingredient but  I don't think you will get in Nig..........🙈.


Michael Gimba
20 Oct

@Esma Sid you are also laughing right? Well it sound funny Rosemary is a popular ladies name in Nigeria, No ingredients in Nigeria with such name


Wakygrace Shammah
20 Oct

Oh, that's nice. Als,o I guess you don't eat that much🙄😂

Cause this is quarter meal for me lol😂🤭


Wakygrace Shammah
20 Oct

@O.P lykman I couldn't help it na and you know why 😂😂


Scholastica Kosy
21 Oct

@Wakygrace so you mean you don't know Rosemary? The dry ones we use here in Nigeria is kind of long just like thyme.


Wakygrace Shammah
21 Oct

Seriously? @Scholastica

Maybe I have seen the leaves but didn't know that's what it is called 🤔


ABU Bakar
20 Oct

Yumy yumy !!! mouth filled with water .

I am not good cook 😢 thats why i can,t make this anyway .

I tried your one recipi last sunday but result was isult from my mom .

You need to share it us so that we can also taste this 


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