Diligence & Intelligence: Security, Fraud, and Risk Management for the Blockchain Economy - Live Blockchain Partnerships Event in Manila, Philippines

If you're in Manila on Tuesday, October 29th, join us for another live Blockchain Partnerships event. Also, if there's enough interest here, I'll make sure we set up a live stream for people who want to join us remotely.

Diligence & Intelligence: Security, Fraud, and Risk Management for the Blockchain Economy

People around the world are rightly concerned about security threats, rampant fraud, and investment risk in the rapidly evolving blockchain-enabled economy.

Now the genie is out of the bottle, so we must act accordingly.

We're going to discuss how people like you - the clients, customers, investors, employees, and founders of companies working with cryptocurrency and blockchain tech - can be prepared for these threats and thrive in spite of them.

Each speaker will introduce their thoughts on these topics for about 20 minutes followed by a Q&A where we'll go into practical advice for your unique situation.

The confirmed speakers for this event are:

Alvaro Jimenez Jimenez (Live Stream)
Co-Founder of Yunati & Founder of Gaudium Capital

Alvaro's teams are building early-stage venture capital funds that seed exceptionally innovative startups driving exponential growth, impact, technologies, and business models around the globe.

Focus: convergence of disruptive technologies including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, and more.


Franco Dagelet
Management Engineer at LoyalCoin
(Represented Appsolutely Inc, the company that launched LoyalCoin.)
Founder of After Credits Podcast

Franco, having previously presented to the BSP and SEC, will join us to discuss the opportunities for launching cryptocurrency projects in the Philippines. He will address KYC/AML requirements, operational concerns, and what level of network/security infrastructure is needed to launch.


Colton Moffitt
Allied Strategic Advisors
Host of Pendulum Insight

Colton will discuss unconventional security threats, due diligence, and how you can use open source intelligence tools and techniques to conduct your own research on potential partners, recruits, and investments.

You'll hear intriguing stories of fraud, blackmail, extortion, and worse from within the blockchain economy. Then you'll be given the basic tools and a swift kick in the right direction to spare yourself a similar fate.


There's no attendance fee but the venue fills up quickly so please RSVP

Contact the organizer if you have any questions!

See you there.




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