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28 Oct
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Did China REALLY Pump Bitcoin?

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Salena Billings 5 months ago

Hey Michael, thanks for your analysis of not only what conclusions others are jumping to in terms of Chinese Government influence, but also what is actually possible in terms of access and crypto that can be purchased there.

Your knowledge of the Chinese language and culture are extremely relevant, but I also appreciate your amusing perspective.

Coding Clips 5 months ago

First it was Libra, now China. One more solid pump and we'll be breaking ATH for sure! 

Dotun Deetee 5 months ago

@Michael thanks you for this update and the confirmation of Chinese support for blockchain which has brought about pure organic attention  to the crypto world. However, IMO there is also a probability of bitcoin price spiked becaise of market speculations and predicts.

Ellah Patience 5 months ago

This is so true looking at articles i come across, most contain of China having something to do with blockchain. There is rapid adjustment to cryptocurrencies is China as compared to before, they, must have released the relevance.

Busola Akinlolu 5 months ago

China is one strong company with great technology, they are definitely one of the reasons for the pump.







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