DFT partnership with XMM; Could be huge!

Hi guys and girls,

Will do a introduction on the project for those of you who are unfamiliar and give you my opinion at conclusion

DeFiat is a project I have been following closely; They are a fully-governed, deflationary ERC-20 token with multi-tiered loyalty rewards. There is an amount taken from each transaction which is allocated for both fees and permanent burn.

Tokenomics of DFT:

Team (5%): 25,000

Marketing (10%): 50,000

Development & Operations (10%): 50,000

Staking Rewards (10%): 50,000

Locked Liquidity (15%): 15,000

Circulating Supply (50%): 250,000

I am friends with some of the team members, and they are fairly sharp. Additionally, form of deflationary asset with locked liquidity is important nowadays, more than ever. All we are hearing in social media is about rugs and scams that have removed liquidity and left people permanently holding worthless bags.

In any case, DFT has a future in my opinion. They have just announced their first partner pool on Rinkleby with Momentum (XMM). They are still in testnet and this partnership. If you stake between 0 and 100 DFT on testnetDungeon, your XMM rewards will be boosted.

Lastly, what you are looking for with these projects is that they are audited, and XMM is fully audited and maintains excellent transparency--you can request an audit here: https://audits.quillhash.com/smart-contract-audit





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