Destiny connectors

​​​​​​​​​​​The day I understood this law I vow never to neglect anyone I come across again in my life.


There are people in the earth today that is called destiny connectors, they may not have the influence but they holds the keys to the heart of kings, and they can speak to the king on your behalf to win you the desired favour you have been praying for years.

​Destiny connectors humanly speaking don't look like people or someone that can help you, in scripture we saw how a slave girl  help the king to obey an instruction from the prophet and when the king obeyed there was a miracle, destiny connectors may be slaves, they might even be children most times, you need discernment to recognize their ministry and work in your life.

​Have you been wondering why help is not coming for so long,  it might be that you have neglected these people in your life or pass them by without knowing.

We all need them to connect us to men of influence who have the resources to bless and uplift us so that we will become a help to as many as will come our way.




Tiger Lily
03 Jan

Every person that we are exposed to in life is there for a purpose!  We just need to be vigilant to watch and learn form the Lord!  :)

He knows every detail and weaves our lives together like a beautiful tapestry!

Loving that He loves me so well :)


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
03 Jan

Ah!!!!! Mama you concur people don't just come into our life like that there are there for a divine purpose we are sent, discernment will really be advantageous to know them and align and receive and partner in their fellowship. 


Tiger Lily
03 Jan


divine appointments, they are called hehehe

Prayer and discernment are necessary to see what God has in store for us.  always a learning opportunity of some sort!  :)


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