Good morning everyone, how are you doing and how was your night this morning I would like to talk about depression.

Depression is the act of being sad, having loss of interest over something or activities and also feeling down.

Depression is also a mood disorder that involve the act of losing interest over something or feeling sadness.

Signs of people that are depressed are:
_They sleep too much or too little
They are feel restless
They got tired easily
They are very slow in movement
They are always slow in speech
They feel as if they are nothing
They have difficulty in concentration
They have difficulty in decision making
They don't think positive all they think of is how to commit suicide.

People that are depressed need someone that will support them always that will be there for them always and they also need a psychotherapist that will advice them counsel them and this will stop them from being depressed so they won't think of  committing suicide because these are the things that is very common nowadays.

And what I think can cause depression is being stressed and having medical problems these are the only thing I think can cause depression.

So as for me if one is depressed the next thing shouldn't be commit suicide because no matter what you may be going through in your mind that does not mean the next thing for you is to kill yourself.

So please if you see someone that is depressed beside you take the person to a psychotherapist before it too late.

And what did you think causes depression?

Have a nice day and I wish you happy weekend.
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Donkyzhang Nobert
03 Jul

Indeed, depression can cause stress and strain on the body (typically body pressure)... 😂😂😂😅😅😅


Jay Bhe
03 Jul

Depression is a dream shortener.. Overthinking or associating your happiness to things you have no control over can cause depression too. 


Fatimah Yetunde
03 Jul

Exactly you are right things we have no control about can cause depression


shoaib khan
03 Jul

Depression  is the most  bad deseuse  of the human .


03 Jul

i think over thinking causes depression, and when especially you think the whole world is crashing over you.


Nida Rana
03 Jul

Good morning 

If depression did  not control then causes  the suicide


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