Depression is not the same as sadness

​Depression is often said to be a tragic thing, but it is difficult to equate normal reality to depression, sorrow is a good part of your daily life, whereas depression is absorbed from the heart. And usually the biggest stigma comes from you. You've got your passion, your imagination, your curiousness, your fun, your fire. You are guilty of the disease you can only see dimly. Anybody can be depressed. we think we 're strong enough to stop it. Everybody can go through it without knowing it, one thing everyone should know is that without mental health no health exists.

Here are some ways to cope with depression:

1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness means concentrating on the present moment and is a skill that must be learned. Our brains are more than frequently full of thoughts and our minds do not feel natural in focusing on the current moment.

2. Listen to your favourite music

Your favorite song will actually alter the mood and create a better environment. Happy music will alter the chemistry of the brain and enhance your mood.

3. Connect with Friends

This can be one of the hardest things to do, but one of the most rewarding activities is that of feeling depressed. This could have an incredibly good mood impact.

4. Exercise

Regular exercise has benefits for managing depression. Training releases endorphins that enhance natural immunity and mood.

5. Distract yourself Do your best, if possible, to distract from thinking. When depression begins, your thoughts are your enemy. Go for a stroll or play with a friend. If you can concentrate on or complete a puzzle, read a book. Do whatever takes away your worries and concerns.

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Erum Batool
05 Apr

You extremely well defined about depression and sadness. Depression are very bad about our health. Because depression badly affect on your mental health


Raimi Akeem
05 Apr

Almost everyone in this life is suffering from depression. 1 in every 10 person's is suffering from depression. Depression is not easy to fight but you already gave us ways to fight it


Abdul Rehman
05 Apr

Depression is mental illness 

Depression kill the human insides and one time comes that this person has not interest in any thing what happened outside


[email protected] [email protected]
05 Apr

Depression is same as blood pressure it can cause lots of deseases like it. Most of the people disappointed due to their work and some personal issues can also move them towards depression but if we talk about our country then in every moment or condition we're need to self motivate ourselves so that our moral always high and we can't depressed be energetic and always try to think positive.


Raja 79
05 Apr

The main differences between sadness and clinical depression are related to the cause of mood swings and how long this process continues. If this feeling is related to something that happened recently, such as a failure in a relationship, you probably feel sad.

But if this happened a few months ago and you still have the same condition, you probably have depression and it is better to see a psychiatrist.







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