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Yes, I can't hear you clearly, please speak louder. Give me one tangible reason, oh you can't talk, I thought you were saying something. I think you're trying to convince me, I was hoping I will see value in your defence, but there isn't any. 

Now delete, yes, you heard me right, delete everything that causes setback to your life. No you're not here to fry beans, you're here to make it, to be happy, to be comfortable, to be a blessing, not a miserable fellow who cannot move the slick. 



*That friend that's mucking you at the back. Of course you know about it, you're just believing he/she will change. No you will never amount to something in his/her eyes. Delete him/her. 

*That toxic partner! Yes I repeat, delete that toxic partner. Trust me if you don't, he/she will kill you. Your life is way precious and many are looking up to you. Do it, if not yourself, for many that sees you as a model. 

*That spirit of procrastination. Its time, delete it. Its an enemy, a parasite, it lives within you. Purge yourself of it. Delete it and make head way. 

*That spirit of giving up after slim failure, delete it. Are you not concern about your life? You are not passing nor failing, neither do you leave that position. 

Something is terribly wrong. You have to forge ahead, failure is no limitation, you're the limitation. Delete that spirit that makes you give up. 

* That shady behaviour! Yes, that particular shady trait. Everybody within you hood know you with it. Anytime you appear they will say, that's the ingrate, the slut, the thief, the mannerless, the fool, etc. coming. Stay clear him/her. Really? What an appellation. Are you comfortable with it. Oya! Delete now. 

*That friend that add no value to your life. You've wasted enough time with him/her, it time, please delete. Four, five, six years together and he has contributed nothing to your growth and development. And you think that's life. No my brother, that's not life, in fact, that is meaningless life. Have some senses, assess your life and tell if you enjoy it. Please delete 'fiam fiam'.

I know you have more to delete. Please deleting them all. You have to be that person you're destined to be. 

Thank for always stopping by. 



sadaf fatima
02 May

motivational post its good for those who just says that i am right all of  you are wrong


Ajibade Ayomide
02 May

Why is the image deleted. We ought to check it out for comment


Adeiyi Iyiola
02 May

Do not hesitate to delete this email Harv no value to you!


Olatunbosun Bossman
02 May

It's time to delete all fake friends


Malik Asad Riaz
02 May

Definitely we should delete and eradicate all those selfish, mean and bad wishers from our lives. 


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