Degrees or Skills

Students nowadays find a lot of people saying that they have nothing to do with learning skills. Learn Skills Degrees are a waste of time and money. Learn skills and start your own business. In fact, both have their own benefits. There is no denying that skills play a vital role in many areas of life. The present is the age of development. Skills are in high demand in this era.


We are in school and when we pass the matriculation exam, the certificate that is given to us by the board is called degree. We then enter the Inter and upon passing out we are given the degree of Inter. During this period a student's personal growth also goes hand in hand and he also has direct contact and relationship with his friends and teachers. During this time he learns many things. Everything from the education system to the social system is slowly coming to light. Degrees also play a big role in our future jobs. Some people want to study law and become good lawyers or judges. Some people study arts and most people are inclined towards medicine or engineering. Everyone's hard work and dedication determines whether or not they will succeed in this particular field. After getting a degree, everyone tries to get a good job. Everyone prefers government jobs. Therefore, degree is very important and useful.


Skill is the name given to learning a particular skill in a job and of course it also has its own importance and usefulness. By learning skills, a person can not only go out and get benefits, but can also earn millions of rupees at home. Skills related to technology are very useful nowadays. By learning these skills, you can earn millions of rupees even sitting at home. Countless people in Pakistan are earning millions of rupees from their skills. Most of them are YouTubers who are earning good money by creating good content. In addition, people are making good money by working on Freelancer and Favver. Both of these platforms require certain skills such as video editing and so on. There is no doubt that people are making more money by learning skills instead of degrees. But it is up to you to decide. If you want to learn the skills that are most useful to you, you must learn them. But if you are interested in a particular field, get a degree.

Last letter:

Whoever is destined for the sustenance of God, whatever is written in his destiny, stays with him. Of course, it is up to man to try. Make your priorities and keep trying to achieve them. Success does not come overnight. It takes some time and at the same time it determines how successful you are. If you want to serve the country and the nation by getting a degree, then get a degree and work hard at it. If you want to learn a skill, etc., you can be successful by learning a skill and also earn money. Earn lawful sustenance and inculcate it in your children.

May God be with us all!


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