Definition of love

​This world is rather an unusual place. ​A million of people right now might be on their first date and a million more saying their last good byes.  Close your eyes and think about it a little. Thousands of eyes blooming and a thousand more struggling to talk straight. So many untold stories with their own, new definition of love in a universe that is rather a trillion years old.

Daniyal is mostly at the borders. ​He gets teary when I ask him what love is.  He says love is 700kms away, in labor, suffering from pain all alone.

Anum gets real quiet. She says the concept that others will only love you if you love yourself is so vague. That flaws won’t look like flaws to us​ if there is someone to accept us as no one else does. 

Qasim says that love is staying quiet yet feeling like you’re heard. Aisha and Sameen, on the other hand, ​​​believe that love is not in ​I love you's.That it is incomplete without respect and understanding. That empty words talk loud but if you don’t have a shoulder to cry on to then what’s the point?

Talha has his own story. He says love consumes you. You never know how much is too much. ​He says it is not just having a shoulder to cry on. It’s a huge responsibility that we give way too easily but Fatima thinks the otherwise.

Where Mehdi confuses it with lust, ​Hashim compares it with loyality. Yusha says he would expect them to be hurt on seeing something which is not worthy of him because this is how it works, right? Afroze wants them to understand every bit of her and well I..think love makes you feel safe. That you could be alone in your room and still think about them and feel at home.

See? So many untold stories of normal people who have their own, ​​​new definition of love, and the worst part about it is that everyone is right with their own definitions. Just that the world is too old to understand.

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Atanda Davido
13 Mar

To me love is life and made everything look easy and calm, you don't exist without love


Aroosa Khan
13 Mar

Excellent article. indeed true love is a powerful and lasting admiration between colleagues or lovers who are in a comfortable, intense and fulfilling relationship. thanks for sharing 


Amjad Ali Waince
13 Mar

Love has its own fragrance and beauty. Understanding and feelings may differ individual to other . But you write a awasome understandable article and justify the topic fully.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
13 Mar

Absolutely every human being expresses love in different words but I say that love is a beautiful relationship and a very pure relationship and this is the rule of this world based on love.


Afia Khan
13 Mar

@Amal Everyone praises love based on their experience. I agree with everyone but I will define love in the words that today's love is a false myth. It has nothing to do with reality. Today's love It would be better if it was called fake love.


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