🌺Decoration of file 🌺


I hope you all fine and enjoying your life.

​Today I am gonna share, file 🎀 decoration...

How I have decorated my project file...

I share it step by step...

🌺​step 1️⃣🌺

​First of all, take simple chart paper and forming  sheet(glittering )

🌺step 2🌺

Then draw the lines according to your assignment page...its easy for you to cut the page.

🌺STEP 3🌺

Then draw the butterfly 🦋 on the sheet...

🌺STEP 4🌺

separate butterfly 🦋 from the forming sheet...🌸😍

🌺STEP 5🌺

Then cut the extra forming sheet from the butterfly 🦋...

🌺STEP 6🌺

Now draw the circle and flower petals inside it...🌸then cut ✂️ the extra forming sheet...from the 🌺 flower...

🌺STEP 7🌺

Now attached all these things on chart paper...

🌺Step 8🌺

Then write with a marker project file...👍

🌺STEP 9🌺

Then simply made a smiling 😊 face emoji...On the backside of the file.

🌺STEP 10🌺

​final 👀 loOk.

I hope you all like it...

"Image source: mobile camera"



Noor Chaudhry
18 Feb

you remind me of my school days 

I am always interested in creative things most time at our parties or farewell my teacher suggest me and my friend decore school 

It's really great fun...

your decore file beautifully it seems that you are good at decorating things 

good effort keep going 


Samina Khan
18 Feb

Thank you so much for your appreciation.....

Yeah, school memories are the best...

I decorated it and my teacher appreciate me and give me 9.5 marks out of 10 😍😍💜

Stay blessed😍🌹


Wajiha Khalil
18 Feb

It is beautiful and you did a great work. I appreciate your work and you are very creative.

Keep it up.


Samina Khan
18 Feb

Thankyou so much for your appreciation...

Stay blessed💜🌺


Liaqat Ali
18 Feb

Very attractive piece of artwork.it really gives us a lot of satisfaction to make it more and more better.always keep it up.you are doing such a beautiful work


Mansoor Hayat
18 Feb

You have a creative mind . You always do something new . Nice work dear. Keep it up.


Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
18 Feb

This beautiful, the way you present the file is really I like it. Your art work is amazing







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