Deception is the act of making someone to accept as true or valid what is invalid, it can also be known as deceitful or deceive.

Some people are fond of making you believe lies all because of what they want to gain from you they won't think of what will happen next if they deceive but what will always be in their mind is how to deceive others in believing their lies they don't care about the repercussion, in which I don't know what will be their gain after all this lies.

What is worst the most is self deception some people are good at not even deceiving but deceiving theirselves in believing in reality, why not try to face the reality and let the devil feel ashamed if you are deceiving everyone else don't deceive yourself because to me deceiving yourself is like doubting yourself that you are not capable of doing this thing.

So stop this self deception it is the worst among them all because it is not easy to overcome that is why they do say that if you want to become successful in life you have to be sincere to yourselves and believe in yourself that is what matters most doubting yourself is more or less like giving up and not trusting yourself, if you are trying to deceive others never try to deceive yourself.

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RinNy Mboro
22 Feb

Some people can really be deceptive  and of course as they try to deceive others,at the Same time deceives themselves

It is one vice people must refrain from


Joe Yenum
22 Feb

Sometimes I believe deception can be useful though. Like deceiving yourself into overcoming a particular fear.


Morris Ohi
22 Feb

Self deception makes one settles for mediocrity instead of one reaching for the best they desire in life.


Adewunmi Arojojoye
23 Feb

People who deceive do it to have their personal gains in a false way. 

Self deception, the worst of all deceit, is like intentionally going the wrong way. Although, it's done to be happy by oneself but on the long run what seems to be happiness turns opposite when reality sets in. 


preview not available Dotun Awosika
23 Feb

This is one of the craziest and most common acts of relationships in the world where almost everyone feels smart, playing on the other person's intentions while the person being played is also playing.


Fatimah Yetunde
23 Feb

Exactly it is also very common among relationship in which some people play with people's feelings or emotions all because of what they want from them







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