Debt Created To Build Armies

Debt Created To Build Armies

Here is a thought and I think I am right. Inflation is created to build military. Think about this, going as far back to the Roman Empire. The top leaders of each country would inflate the money system for themselves. Which would devalue the money for the citizens. Which comes to the point, people are unable to afford to live almost. However military being part of the government which runs in the same bubble as the Asset Owner. One can join this bubble and have all their needs to live fulfilled. With the price of having to serve in the military an fight a war. Do you think this concept is done on purpose. For the leaders to make sure there is enough people always going poor and join the military. You almost never see any wealthy people join the military. With the exception of some joining to be high ranking officers and generals in the military.

If you go back in history with who goes into the military. Either in cases of drafts and even in volunteer enrolling. You tend to see more people from the lower income areas. In some cases of course the military is a benefit to that person. For someone with no education and no means of income etc. Joining military could create a better life then that person does now.

However the question is with inflation. Is inflation created and made just so the government always has a larger number of people. Look at a country like North Korea which has the highest and biggest member military in the world. The citizens of that country live in total poverty. Therefore joining military is highly attractive. Of course there are other reasons in that country of people joining the military. 

In general you can look at many countries of the world that have high levels of poverty. Often those countries have a big and powerful military. Such as a trend.

What do you think of this aspect? Do you think inflation is created just to forced people to go into the military?

What do you think? 


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Muhammad Arslan
18 Apr

We live in A modern era where different kind of weapon's are introduced 

the sword war era is the best ear of All where man can show his skills speed and fighting spirit but in modern era the fighting spirit is lack in human


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
18 Apr

for sure many different ways and methods to war have changed


Innocent Rao
18 Apr

I think we should join army for their country. I am from Pakistan and here people love to join arny.but we can't forced any one to join. A forced man can't work properly. It is waste 


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
18 Apr

yes a forced skill does not work. one has to learn a skill, if they can not learn the skill then job should not be forced upon


Godwin Imafidor
18 Apr

I have never reasoned this way before, but your thinking has some credibility. It could be that inflation is created in part to have more people in the military but it is more than that in may thinking. Yes maybe for the purpose of creating class.


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
18 Apr

could be a method to create class 


Sarah Obasi
18 Apr

I have always had this thought but it seemed crazy to me. I'm glad someone else agrees


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
18 Apr

if u think about it, it does seem to make sense if you think about it and look at all the numbers


Emmanuel Chinonso
18 Apr

Am no longer sure of what these leaders of the world can and can not do. 

You may be right as the military is just filled with the poor and the ranks generals are the wealthy. So it is very possible since its even rumored that this CORONAVIRUS outbreak is a biological weapon to reduce population so like I said the leaders can do any thing these days


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
18 Apr

there could be a case of population control going on, maybe it's time







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