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Death is reality!

Trenndians greetings!

Death is a reality and it is bonded with birth. The soul is not bond with death because it is out of limit of death . Every thing who borned has to die. So it is in mutual connection.

The holy Qur'an says in chapter Al - Imran , verse 185.

 " Every body shall have a taste of death" 

Whatever tenure of life we have , we should care it , respect it and live with humbleness. We should choose the path of faith , belief, braveness and perseverance. Life is just like a fragile and we should handle it with prayers.

Yesterday my aunt ( sister of my father) Passed away due to sudden attack of brain. Late night we buried her in graveyard. She was a humble lady and just like mother for me. 

May Almighty Allah bless her soul rest in peace!

Prayers requested!!

@Amjad Ali Waince 

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Saima Idrees
20 Apr

May Allah Almighty granted her highest rank in Jannah..... Death is inevitable reality. And we cannot do anything.... May Allah give patience to you and her Family... 



Egwu Doris .
20 Apr

Ohhh so sorryy for your loss.

Every one must taste death, thats why we need to live a good life and leave a good legacy that we will be remembered for.


Maria Amjad Ali
20 Apr

Death is the reality... Nobody can escape from death.. 

While doing wrong deeds, it must be keep in mind, one day we have to go...we have to leave towards heavens... 


qasim gilal
20 Apr

No doubt every one has to die one day.

 Very sad. May you and your family bear the shock.


Abdul Qadir
20 Apr

May she rest in peace 

May ALLAH shower HIS blessing upon departed soul and give her higher rank in  jinnah and patience to her family 







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